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Racing Talk / The Golden Eagle
« Last post by Jeunes on 5 minutes ago »
V’landys is unhappy. No mention of below in news Corp articles. It will be very interesting how Sky now promotes the race.

Sports Talk / Cricket
« Last post by firezuki on 2018-Dec-10, 11:54 PM  »
Stick it.  He's had more than one swallow in the past and he's just done it again.

You morons keep writing him off and he keeps making you look stupid.

Look past your eastern states bias and give him the chance he deserves. 

Even when he performs you can't pay him his dues.

If he was from NSW or Vic this bullshit wouldn't be happening. 
Harness / Interdomonion Championship 2018
« Last post by sobig on 2018-Dec-10, 09:00 PM  »
Saturday at Cranbourne was the third round of heats and the finals are this coming Saturday at Melton.
Sports Talk / Cricket
« Last post by ratsack on 2018-Dec-10, 08:59 PM  »
back to stats ?

This has left a man who has befuddled so many in the cricketing world because of his inconsistency with only 163 runs at 12.5 in his past 13 innings since his 156 against England in Sydney in the New Year's Test in January.  ( from the SMH )

A closer examination reveals major issues, for he has failed to reach double figures in his past six innings (top score of seven) and has only done so twice in his past 10 knocks. Indeed, he has become the first Australian top-five batsman since 1888 to be dismissed for single figures six times in a row.
(from the SMH)

He averaged 3.5 in two Tests against Pakistan in the United Arab Emirates and only 18.37 in eight innings in South Africa during the tumultuous tour there in March but saved his spot with strong form in the Sheffield Shield and a century against the Proteas in a one-day international in Hobart (again)

Marsh has a modest Test average of 35 but this drops to only 22.76 in 13 innings in the prime batting spot, compared to 42.54 with two centuries in 22 innings at No. 5 and even 38.55 in 10 innings as an opener.


stats don't lie

one swallow etc

would you like a bet on his average after this 4 test series ( for the series)

1. in the top three aussie averages
2. his average over " your choice"
3. whatever
Harness / Interdomonion Championship 2018
« Last post by Arsenal on 2018-Dec-10, 08:54 PM  »
Thanks to Davie Fowler interviewing Chris Barsby on Press Room today I learned the Interdominion heats for both trotters and pacers started on Saturday night at Cranbourne quite incredible there was no publicity that I saw ...... once upon a time the Interdominion was big news some marvellous contenders over the years ...Natalie Rasmussen had two of the winners both started very short ......this is a link to the program and replays of all races.

Giddy Up :beer:
Sports Talk / Cricket
« Last post by firezuki on 2018-Dec-10, 08:50 PM  »
He easily looked the best batsman in that 2nd innings and was actually trying to tilt the game Oz's way.

Unlike the rest of the morons who kept hitting undiciplined shots straight to fielders. 

Still, there won't be any criticism of them from morons like you and the boys.

If Marsh fails in the first innings in Perth, the same shit-for-brains who called for him to be dropped from this Test

will be back all brave and vocal again. 
Sports Talk / Cricket
« Last post by ratsack on 2018-Dec-10, 08:41 PM  »
Love it.  Your poor little eastern states wackers can't bring yourselves to acknowledge a very good

batting performance from Marsh that almost got us a very unlike win.

Why?  Because morons like you wanted him dropped before the game even started.

Good judges aren't you?   lol

Fkn losers.

heard on the radio today , on the way to work when yawn marsh gets past 10 his average is 60

well there ya go lol
Sports Talk / Cricket
« Last post by firezuki on 2018-Dec-10, 08:19 PM  »
Love it.  Your poor little eastern states wackers can't bring yourselves to acknowledge a very good

batting performance from Marsh that almost got us a very unlikely win.

Why?  Because morons like you wanted him dropped before the game even started.

Good judges aren't you?   lol

Fkn losers. 
Vic Gallops / Bringing the Wrong Horse to the Races
« Last post by Arsenal on 2018-Dec-10, 08:10 PM  »
Extract from Nathan Exelby's column in the SM yesty.


THE Queensland branch of the Australian Trainers Association has vowed to fight for trainer Brett Baker, who they feel was harshly treated in a finding by QRIC.

Baker was fined $1000, reduced to $750, for presenting the wrong horse to race at Toowoomba on November 24.

Baker had two horses engaged for the meeting – Wolf Tales (Race

2) and Halfeti (Race 5). He brought Halfeti to the races first, believing it was engaged in Race 2.

Baker said he looked at the official Racing Australia mobile site to determine which races the horses were engaged in and it had Halfeti’s race as second on the program.

Racing Australia confirmed its mobile site did in fact have the races in the wrong order and said it had since made moves to ensure this would not happen again.

Racing Queensland waived the scratching fee for Wolf Tales on the basis of Racing Australia’s admission.

However, QRIC have stuck solid with the fine, with director of stewarding Ali Wade saying Baker was the only trainer to present the incorrect horse on the day and that he should have established the correct runners when he checked the Sky Racing website for race times.

Queensland’s ATA branch representative Cameron Partington told Wade and Integrity Commissioner Ross Barnett his organisation would support Baker in his internal review and subsequent appeal to QCAT.

“We still firmly believe QRIC has judged this issue incorrectly and is a great example of where QRIC is failing to understand and interact with our people,” Partington said.

“We at the ATA are constantly working with you to bridge the gap between yourselves and the participants, a gap that unfortunately with cases like this will continue to grow.”


Strange case of relying on mistaken information .......there are two sides to every story the IR could settle the matter in the trainer's favour .... Mr Partington's comments suggest he  seems to think that's only a rough chance of getting up.......and the case will go to QCAT ........impossible to predict the outcome with any degree of confidence if that happens.....can't recall the old maxim mistake of fact is excusable .......mistake in law...everybody is presumed to know the law

Giddy Up :beer:
Sports Talk / Cricket
« Last post by gunbower on 2018-Dec-10, 08:08 PM  »
Seems to be an ongoing saga with this family . Dad , Geoff, played 50 Tests for Australia but could only average 33. The great number one son is slightly higher at 35 and the other bloke ; well is somewhere near Starc and Cummins averages. Even a " sandgroper " might acknowledge that they also bowl a fair bit better. Wily , fancy being admonished by this mental giant for your perceived problems with arithmetic. This is the same cove who labels others with a reasonable point of view  a "dikhead " (his spelling) and then goes on to invent words into the language like "aught ". Think the "Pauline H "actor is alive and well with this poor individual.