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Racing Talk / The Murky History of Azkadellia
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from november 2014 no less, so it's been out there for at least that long that maher knew.
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Muswellbrook Tuesday
Qld Gallops / The Brisbane Racing Club
« Last post by Arsenal on 3 hours ago »

AN insider at QRIC says the allegations of race fixing at the ‘red hots’ by Archie Butterfly on his much-read blog, itsnotnormalisit, appears to be ruffling a few feathers.

It’s nothing like the inquisition that is going on within the bowels of the Brisbane Racing Club to try and ascertain who is ‘feeding’ Archie information and photographs.

The ‘Nifty Nev’ Bell birthday bash was the last straw and the leaks involving that soiree at Doomben reportedly saw virtually every one employed by the BRC put under the microscope. LGHR spies insist they barking up the wrong tree and should instead be looking at a ‘disgruntled’ employee having a bit each-way in case an ‘old mate’ returns to the fold at RQ after the election and also dirty about being moved sideways.

As for harness racing well unless QRIC does something about what is allegedly happening in these ‘big pool’ races then that code will not even be the blip it has been reduced to on the radar for most run-of-the-mill punters.


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Jockey / Worst Ride Of The Day Or Ever
« Last post by Arsenal on 3 hours ago »
Race 8 - BMW Caulfield Cup (Group 1) - 2400 metres:

Sir Isaac Newton (GB) - connections advised would lead; led. Near the 400m had to be checked to avoid the heels of Amelies Star when crowded by Single Gaze (Kathy OHara). When questioned regarding the tactics adopted today, rider Katelyn Mallyon explained that whilst mindful of her instructions to lead it was never her intention to lead by such a big margin but her mount took charge in the middle stages and the more she restrained her mount the more it resented it and refused to settle. A post race veterinary examination failed to reveal any abnormalities.

A shocker of a ride watching the film it didn't look to be pulling and finished 20 lengths last maybe she was the pacemaker for Johannes Vermeer..... one of the few mistakes the caller made  calling Amelie's Star last ...she was still boxing on half way down the straight perhaps Sir Isaac Newton was too far back for him to see.

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Racing Talk / The Murky History of Azkadellia
« Last post by Arsenal on 3 hours ago »
RAD board told Ciaron Maher knew about horse ownership
Posted by: AAP+
Filled in: Horse Racing News | 23/10/2017 at 12:04pm

 Ciaron Maher's former racing manager says he thought he knew about Peter Foster's ownership

Ciaron Maher’s former racing manager now says he thought the trainer knew about an elaborate conspiracy to hide convicted con man Peter Foster’s ownership of five racehorses, a tribunal has heard.

Foster was the mastermind of a sophisticated plan to have Group One-winning mare Azkadellia and four other horses race in Ben Connolly’s name, the Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board heard.

Maher was last month suspended for six months and fined $75,000 after conceding he should have known Azkadellia, Little Bubulu, Loveable Rogue, Hart and Mr Simples were actually owned by Foster.

Racing Victoria stewards say Maher did not know about Foster’s involvement.

Connolly told stewards Maher had no knowledge of the arrangements but the former racing manager has now told the RAD board in a statement: “I thought he knew.”

That extraordinary statement should be taken with a grain of salt, stewards’ barrister Dr Clifford Pannam QC said on Monday.

Pannam said it shows Connolly has persisted in not coming forward with the real facts, despite pleading guilty to two charges under racing rules.

Pannam said Connolly played a central role in a conspiracy to fraudulently convince the stewards to lift a ban on the five horses.

“It was a deliberately hatched plan masterminded by Foster, whose very connection with the horses in question led to the ban originally being put in place in January 2015,” he said.
Pannam said the sophisticated arrangement succeeded for almost a year.

He said Azkadellia, in particular, was very successful, leading to a very substantial amount of money being diverted to Foster or his interests.

The RAD Board on Monday heard Connolly was paid $2000 a week to be the trustee of the racehorses and was to receive 10 per cent of any prize money.

But Connolly’s barrister Peter Caillard said his client did not receive any of the prize money, which went to Foster.

Connolly described Foster as charismatic and persuasive, Caillard said.

He said Connolly admitted he misled the stewards about the elaborate scheme.

“He accepts that he lacked candour and was complicit in an elaborate attempt to hide Foster’s ongoing interests,” Caillard said.

Caillard said Connolly has lost his career, his reputation and his social network.

Ben Connolly has been disqualified until December 31st, 2019.ENDS

Months ago  Terry Bailey was reported to have said  RV's stewards investigation into Azkadellia's ownership had resulted in the "All Clear" now RV's  learned brief Dr Cliff Parnham QC admits Connolly put one over on the stewards ...they must have been easily misled....... how could Connolly working for wages afford to "buy"Azkadellia and the other lesser known horses without raising suspicions apparently the stewards didn't follow the money trail in the original investigation which would have revealed Foster as the real owner....and Maher hisself must have known or at least questioned Connolly about his purported ownership....... it defies logic to think he wasn't in on it. :o

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Peter and others,

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Peter and others,

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