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Racing Talk / My punting Philosophy
« Last post by JWesleyHarding on 56 minutes ago »
I know some bank guys love a bet.

Remember Peter Huxley? :)
« Last post by JWesleyHarding on 1 hour ago »
SW turned today into a one-horse race from Race 1

SW    634.4
Wes    169.4
RH    138.0
JWH    133.4
Rat    133.0
BMc    107.4
Med    91.4
Out    380
SW    796.4
JWH    350.4
Wes    323.4
BMc    314.4
RH    294.0
Med    260.4
Rat    230.0
International Racing / Hong Kong Racing Thread
« Last post by Peter Mair on 1 hour ago »

..................    schadenfreude
Racing Talk / All Star Mile
« Last post by Peter Mair on 1 hour ago »

A $5 million race should always have been a good race -- it was not.

Of course the race is better ---- because many voted to change it.

I am disappointed that what was the original post has been deleted.

The view expressed four years ago should stand, albeit perhaps with whatever qualifying comment is now considered appropriate.

RVL needed the conceptual flaws to be pointed out so the reform process would begin.

.............. and what a slow process it has been ............. like a dentist pulling teeth ......... one step at a time so reluctantly.

A race that will eventually be very good ............. initially refleted badly on RVL administrators.

Betting, Tips & Ratings / 100 Tip Challenge
« Last post by fours on 2 hours ago »
Bathurst R8:12 Supergaze

Racing Talk / Racing Website:
« Last post by Arsenal on 2 hours ago »

THE illegal twitter bookmaking ‘sting’ involving Magic Millions winner Coolangatta that cost mug punters plenty has provided more questions than answers.

Brisbane-based Mitchell Fenton, a social media tipster and now runaway bookie, allegedly enticed a number of punters into depositing money into a bank account after they accepted his inflated and ridiculous odds for Coolangatta in the Two-Year-Old Classic.

The raging hot $2.2 favorite duly saluted at much shorter odds that the $3.5 to $6 offered by Fenton who went MIA the moment the race was run and promptly shut down his twitter account and Linkedin profile.

Questions that need to be clarified a

Are Queensland Racing Integrity Commission stewards pursuing Fenton?

What are the same stewards doing about claims Fenton made on his social media profile boasting of ‘inside mail from a ‘prominent race-fixing syndicate’ allegedly operating on Toowoomba Racing.

Interstate media reports (little, if anything, has been reported on this ‘sting’ by Murdoch Racing) suggest that QRIC has advised disgruntled victims to report Fenton to its ‘Scamwatch’ data base.

Racing Victoria’s boss of integrity, Jamie Stier, had a simple message for punters who took the bait from Fenton: “If it sounds too good to be true, it almost certainly is.”

HERE’S how FAIRFAX MEDIA reported the event:

VICTIMS of what is believed to be a fake bookmaker scam say they’re resigned to the fact they’ve lost their money after the alleged scammer took down his racing Twitter page following the sting.

Queensland racing enthusiast Mitchell James Fenton is being accused of duping a handful of punters into placing a bet on Saturday’s Magic Millions favourite Coolangatta to win at inflated odds.

But after the Ciaron Maher and David Eustace-trained filly duly saluted in the $2 million Gold Coast feature, Fenton’s Twitter page ‘Horse Racing Global’ was taken down and the victims say he has not returned their calls.

At least five victims have contacted The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald, alleging they transferred Fenton cash to take odds of anywhere between $3.50 and $6 for Coolangatta to win the Magic Millions 2YO Classic. Licensed bookmakers around the country had her no longer than a $2.20 chance in the feature event.

But after the horse won, holding off Russian Conquest by a head, the @HorseRacingGL Twitter page was taken down.

One punter alleges he sent $1000 via a bank transfer to an account in Fenton’s name, while four other punters contacted The Age and the SMH saying they’ve lost between $100 and $250 respectively. Fenton has not responded to The Age or SMH’s requests for comment.

Victims, who have asked to remain anonymous, have tried contacting their banks to cancel the transfer, but say they’re resigned to the fact they won’t be getting their money back.

The Queensland Racing Integrity Commission has been notified about the scam.

“The Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC) was recently made aware of an online scam involving an unlicensed bookmaker,” a spokesperson said.

“QRIC advocates for integrity in racing, and therefore encourages punters to only utilise betting agents who are licensed to operate. This information can be found at

“QRIC also encourages those who believe they have been scammed online to report their incident to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) via the website.”

But the ACMA said victims should instead contact the ACCC’s Scamwatch.

Fenton is also accused of trying to lure in punters via his ‘Horse Racing Global’ business by promoting what he described as a race fixing syndicate, asking punters for a $99.95 per week subscription to receive insider information, which he says are linked to the ‘Toowoomba mafia’. Details of the service were sent in a text message from Fenton’s mobile number and remain published on Horse Racing Global’s Facebook page.

Other messages from Fenton’s phone number have also been sent to followers asking for a one-off $500 membership for tips. It’s not alleged that Fenton has fixed horse races, only that he promotes that he can provide punters with inside knowledge to be used for betting purposes.

“As a loyal follower and supporter of Horse Racing Global, we are inviting you to an invitation only membership into the Toowoomba Mafia Race Fixing Gang,” the text message, sent from Fenton, reads.

“As an invited prospective member the only requirement you need to fulfil to become a life member of the elitist group is to pay a once off fee off (sic) $500. This is life membership.

“When the race is ‘designed’ and the winner nominated all members will be immediately sent the selection.

“This might sound too good to be true or like pie in the sky but we are simply offering you a loyal follower an entry in to the underground where people here (sic) about stuff like this but never ever get close to becoming privvy to what the sting is.”

The ‘Horse Racing Global’ Twitter page had over 12,000 followers before it was taken down on Saturday.

Mitchell J. Fenton’s LinkedIn page, which listed him as the founder and group chief executive officer of Horse Racing Global, was also taken down over the weekend.

The scam has also been reported to the Australian Cyber Security Centre and the ACCC’s Scamwatch.

SURELY this bloke hasn’t done a runner to such a degree that he cannot be tracked down by police, charged and thrown in the slammer where he belongs.

But before that happens perhaps that astute and highly respected Chairman of Stewards for Racing Queensland, Peter Chadwick, might put him under the microscope about his claims that there is a ‘Toowoomba mafia’ organizing races at Clifford Park.

There have been rumours doing the rounds about certain races on the Downs for some time and this latest claim by Fenton does not help the majority of stakeholders involved in Toowoomba racing who are hard-working, honest racing participants. It needs to be investigated and there’s only one place to start – with Fenton.


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Quite incredible this guy had the hide to pull this on gullible punters and got away with it even more incredible that there's no evidence or report of a police investigation into this obvious fraud

Giddy Up :beer:



Racing Talk / My punting Philosophy
« Last post by Rad on 2 hours ago »
Hope his bank manager doesn't read this. :x:
Well, my approach was definitely more conservative 😄

Dubbledee posted his 10 bet approach elsewhere on the forum. It can obviously work.

JWH, I went to the Sunshine Coast races on the weekend. I didn’t know anyone there but chatted to 2 guys during the day … both were public accountants. Lots of bank people and finance guys love a bet … his bank manager may very well read it
Racing Talk / My punting Philosophy
« Last post by JWesleyHarding on 2 hours ago »
His staking plan worried me,

Hope his bank manager doesn't read this. :x:
Racing Talk / My punting Philosophy
« Last post by Rad on 3 hours ago »
I had lunch with Mono and Dubbledee last year and the discussion, not surprisingly, covered a wide range of racing topics, including place betting. Dubbledee, being a successful and keen place bettor, convinced me to look a little closer at it. His staking plan worried me, so I developed my own simple approach for a trial and I bet very low.

Over the next month, I had 55 place bets with the individual bets ranging from $1 to $5, depending on their assessed chance and value. Total outlay was $110. 35 bets were successful, returning $121.55 equaling about 10.5% Pot.

All good stuff and I found it particularly useful when you found one you liked, but there was some reason (like a low win percentage, a worrying jockey, etc.) that it didn’t seem a solid win bet. It also gave me an interest where there otherwise may not have been. I didn’t keep it going after a month but might give it a try again: lots of action, hopefully a good number of collects and pretty low risk.

Vic Gallops / Victorian Country and Provincial
« Last post by Rad on 4 hours ago »
Jordan Childs is a very good rider, but absolutely brilliant on leaders. Another top ride on Oregon’s Rose in the 4th at Kilmore today. He had them struggling a long way out. 👍