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Racing Talk / Winx
« Last post by gunbower on 2017-Aug-22, 09:50 PM  »
She could probably borrow your life blanket as you have a greasy step on reality.
Racing Talk / Winx
« Last post by Peter Mair on 2017-Aug-22, 09:13 PM  »

.................... the Winx needs a barrier blanket............. and what else is new?
Racing Talk / NO RACE _Race 9 at Caulfield should be abandoned
« Last post by Peter Mair on 2017-Aug-22, 09:09 PM  »

Thank you Dave for such a generous assessment

I have 3 things to say:

--- one, stay well clear of the Winx next start;

--- second, wait til Thursday for my next nomination of the stay-away race in MN; and

--- third, remember the old proverb: let lying dogs sleep.
« Last post by ratsack on 2017-Aug-22, 08:57 PM  »
R1 #12
R2 #2
R3 #8
R4 #3
R5 #10
R6 #12
R7 #6
R8 #3
Qld Gallops / QRIC
« Last post by dean on 2017-Aug-22, 08:20 PM  »
That evidence is clear cut. The whimp and the wonder boy must go forthwith. How the hell can they be at "arms length". If this blog writer Archie Butterfly can keep digging up the dirt on these relationships then why is the local rag ; aka as the Courier Mail so quiet on it. Nothing to do with their deal with UBET I guess ? Of course not . The only other reason would be that their journalists haven't a clue how to spell journalism.
Qld Gallops / QRIC
« Last post by Arsenal on 2017-Aug-22, 07:33 PM  »
Two internal reviews John Manzelmann loses appeal no surprise there he put the wrong saddles on two of his runners in the one race but inconclusive video of a race in the bush lets  jockey Tim Brummell walk away from 9 day suspension.

Giddy Up :beer:

Jockey / Worst Ride Of The Day Or Ever
« Last post by Arsenal on 2017-Aug-22, 07:29 PM  »
Hot pot goes down at Musswelbrook  today very rough riding by all three jockeys inquiry held after the last but no results available yet.

Giddy Up :beer:
Racing Talk / Quiz
« Last post by Dave on 2017-Aug-22, 07:02 PM  »
well Col I never said Calendar year
Racing Talk / NO RACE _Race 9 at Caulfield should be abandoned
« Last post by Dave on 2017-Aug-22, 06:57 PM  »
I think some of us have missed the point of where Pete is coming from...........he is not complaining about the race for his own benefit......he knows better than to bet is such a race.....he is really quite magnanimous in his motives..........He sees himself as so superior to the rest of us, he has a God complex.....all his children( the rest of us) need his guidance and protection...........that is why when we insult him.....he just turns the other cheek and carries on trying to save us from Pete on behalf of myself and the rest of your ungrateful Children I thank you.......and I am not Joking.....the Penny finally dropped for me......I am a convert.....I promise from here on in I will only back Winx