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Sports Talk / Tennis 2017
« Last post by Wenona on 11 minutes ago »
Dimitrov is greatly improved tonight - you are in with a big show - happy for you to collect but us Ace chasers would like it to go 28-26 in the fifth please.  :x:
Racing Talk / Race Records Of Champion Racehorses
« Last post by JWesleyHarding on 18 minutes ago »
Don't wanna piss anyone off but maybe some of the stuff we've been talking about here might be better off being transferred to that other thread re history.
Racing Talk / Horses to follow
« Last post by Authorized on 18 minutes ago »
Look at the nonsense with the Melbourne Cup these days, the bloody handicapper will not give horses anymore than 58 kgs and connections still hesitate.

Racing Talk / Horses to follow
« Last post by Authorized on 20 minutes ago »
I understand exactly what you are saying, BUT it is NOT the horses fault.

They are doing everything they  are being asked to do.

It is a shame they are not tested in handicaps but that is not the horses fault.

Both won handicaps with good weights, sure not welter weights but respectable weights none the less.

Racing Talk / Race Records Of Champion Racehorses
« Last post by Dave on 43 minutes ago »
Gunbower you mentioned how many(or few) Mares they served in those days.........why do you think they served so few mares?.......I have a theory but would be interested in any one else's theories on the subject
Racing Talk / Horses to follow
« Last post by Dave on 46 minutes ago »
Auth I don't take them for don't have anything to compare Black Caviar and Winx with so on face value they are Champions and no one denies that, least of all me.....They are Champions but like Champions of today they are turned into bullies and I find bullies just a little is a horse going around at $1.10 a race? it is just an exhibition

What they ain't are have no concept of what a hero in the war, they don't give a Victoria cross to the best shot....cos being the best is not the same as being a hero! Christ it ain't rocket science!....humans are not born with wings so no one misses not having them, I remember when we all had wings....that is why I miss have never been able to you don't miss not having wings..........I understand where you are coming from, you are the one who lacks the knowledge or the nous to grasp what I am talking about!

In the past horses like Tulloch, Carbine, Phar Lap, Bernborough, Peter Pan, Rising Fast Tobin Bronze and many more  were Champions..........but they were also is not just about ability...........being a hero is about laying it on the line when the deck is stacked against you............Frankel, Winx and Black Caviar have never done they are just Champions who beat up on lessor Kids......when they know they are sitting on a Royal Flush and are unbeatable............the definition of a bully!
Racing Talk / Race Records Of Champion Racehorses
« Last post by gunbower on 52 minutes ago »
Summertime was just a super sire. You are right Dave I think his progeny were best up to 2400 metres. Still one of his sons, Ziema got beaten a lip by one of the best in a Melbourne Cup. Another one of his stakes winning progeny , Lei, was the dam of the champion mare Leilani who ran a terrific race in a Melbourne Cup. He got a couple of Cox Plate and Caulfield Cup winners plus many great milers including the great New Zealand mare Star Belle. So successful when you consider how many mares they served in those days.
« Last post by westie on 57 minutes ago »
Good works guys, my google came up with zilth.  :(
Racing Talk / General Racing History
« Last post by PoisonPen7 on 59 minutes ago »
PP you can try

and enter ozeform and then choose a date.

It's a bit hit and miss for older stuff though

Cheers mate. Very helpful   emthup
« Last post by Dave on 1 hour ago »
Never say that shouldn't happen, someone should stop that from happening.........the question is always "why didn't I see it BEFORE it happened!" in saying that don't punish yourself too much, no one sees everything......just make sure you see it after the race and try to learn form it...............I'm with you JWH she had the best form in the race!....anyone know what price she is on the first Tuesday in November??