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Peter Mair  2022-Jun-23, 08:09 PM
"anyone betting on mid-week provincial races, anywhere, needs to carefully consider the likely results of an intelligence test. Betting on 'a maiden' event only compounds the error"

I see that you specifically say "mid-week" provincials, which implies that you find difference between them, and those that take place on the Sat/Sun.  Interested to know what difference you find (both $35k for NSW), and the reasons for that difference.

The Saturday meeting at Newcastle 25/06 had Maiden results as follows 

Race 2   2nd Fav 1st / Fav 2nd
Race 3   Fav 1st
Race 4   Fav 1st
Race 6   Fav 1st

Again, everything that you said would happen, didn't happen.
Trainer / Chris Waller
« Last post by PoisonPen7 on 41 minutes ago »
Why are you so contemptuous of you compatriot Chris Waller?

These things happen - not just to the Waller stable.

I too used to be a keen runner. You can avoid "hammies" with the correct stretching/warmup regime, not getting out of your rhythmn (they are essentially a sprinter's injury) and not being cheap on shoes!
Trainer / Chris Waller
« Last post by nemisis on 3 hours ago »
In my running days Wily I once had pulled a wasn't one of the sharp tears that pulls you straight up.

Wasted so much time and money  on Physio's wondering why I couldn't break out of much more than a jog
It was only after reading one runner's account of his hamstring, in one of my Runner's mags..I realised what was wrong.
21 days and let mother nature do her I went....but slowly at first

Had something very similar with my little genuine greyhound bitch as well.
Jumped well, then gradually lost excuse....I was a novice greyhound trainer!

I understand how difficult muscle tears can be to diagnose.
No way in the world that Disorderly should have been presented at a racetrack yesterday.
Surely someone in the Waller stable could have had the horse properly checked and a "make sure" gallop as well....went 400 metres yesterday.
Just a disgrace!....are they novices there as well?
Trainer / Chris Waller
« Last post by wily ole dog on 3 hours ago »
Nem, in hindsight, yes you are correct. His stumble in the trial may have taken more out of him than was obvious. God, I fell down during the week and thought Id really budgeted myself badly. 10 minutes later I was ok. Not all falls and stumbles lead to the injuries that hindsight highlights in this instance  :chin:

In saying that, the vets found no issue with the horse so I dont know what to say. The only thing that could arise is, do stewards do reports on trials?
Trainer / Chris Waller
« Last post by nemisis on 4 hours ago »
Isn't great to see nemesis following NSW provincial racing with such fine detail.

The stewards published this about Disorderly (which you can get from the Racing NSW web site)

Disorderly Slow to begin. A post-race veterinary examination of the gelding, which
was eased down at the 1000m and took no competitive part in the event, did not reveal
any abnormalities. Stable representative Ms C Heuston was advised Disorderly must
barrier trial to the satisfaction of the Stewards prior to being permitted to race again. Ms
Heuston advised she will report back on the post-race condition of Disorderly in the days

What this report failed to state, and what would be on everyone's minds, is why the jockey felt the need to take it out of the race at the 1000m mark?

Has it lost it's competiveness? Maybe Chris is too soft on his horses?

Perhaps nemesis thinks it could do with a spell in the company of some former Victorian trainers who would "make"it competitive.
This post comes close to equaling your most famous Racing is cleaner than ever
However that gold medal statement remains unequalled
Disorderly was very competitive in his trial...until his back legs went.

Strike me Darren Weirs name comes up.
Not much there with you.... is there?...Pointless Pen 7...oh bloody spellcheck!
N.S.W Gallops / Sydney Racing Selections
« Last post by wily ole dog on 4 hours ago »
Thought we were home mate. I had the Exacta/Quinella - thought all the exotics paid lousy  emthdown

Maybe more people read our tips that we give them credit for   :lol:

The smarties do, I was on fire yesterday  :lol:   :lol:
Trainer / Chris Waller
« Last post by nemisis on 5 hours ago »
I've contacted racing Stewards twice Wily. pre race blood testing. and got a fairly prompt 1 sentence reply.
That was before I understood about Lasix and noticed where it was described as a "preventative' drug and oh....a drug masker as well in the Junoob inquiry :what:

Vic....once... re the very sad demise of Annus Mirabilis .
Still waiting for an explanation there.

Lets just say I have very little faith in racing stewardship these days here.
Like I said horse racing is played out on our our screens everyday.
These horses that give us so much, deserve a lot better than that.

Surely Disorderly should have trialed after an incident like that.
I'm no vet, but I would have just walked and swum any animal I trained that experienced that....for 3 weeks minimum...that must have hurt the horse.
N.S.W Gallops / Sydney Racing Selections
« Last post by fours on 5 hours ago »

McCormack's price did not move at all and it does not take much money to do that at the 30/1 plus mark to do so.

Or they just follow your tips......

Prefer mine to be left alone!

 :chin: :chin: :chin:

Inside barriers were a gold mine in Sydney for some distances.

>$25 the place on Catesby was a gimme   on a good track with a new trainer....

Simply a matter of reviewing publicly available info, available to all to look at, if only they would do some work.