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GOOD NIGHT & GOOD DAY -- What's so unusual about that?

The 'most punter' set would have had a good night at the Vale and a good day at the Hill and the Hillside.

That's unusual!

It was especially  'unusual' for a major web-site to withhold tips for 3 races on a 'big night' -- why we do not know -- looking for more funding to keep it going or a glimmer of media independence.

.............. back self interest? : will newscorpse keep running both sites when it starts charging for 'Racenet' ...... will it pull the plug on Sportsman?

[ .......... probably back to normal next Saturday ............ the links showw the outcomes for 'this day' last year .......... be seated for the 'ever so usual' RVL results ............... and be wary of boldness being your friend into the Melbourne spring.]

Sports Talk / GOLF
« Last post by wily ole dog on 14 minutes ago »
International Racing / Hong Kong Racing Thread
« Last post by Gintara on 25 minutes ago »
Back to the Tin today and a couple of cracking races later on.

Race 2 - #10 Super Auxim, we were on last start and looked home for all money before being swamped on the line and found to be lame  :dry:, switches to the AW where he's trialed well and up to the 1200m, he'll give us a sight out front - currently $5.5

Race 5 - #4 Infinity Win $5.5 is another we've been on, found the 1000m a touch short last time, drawn to stalk the speed and will be in the finish, save #7 Viva Hunter $4.2 who will get home hard although up in weight.

Race 7 - cracking race with a number of the top liners stepping out,  #3 Sky Darci does look the one but $2.25 is short, I'd be hoping for a touch better to bet.  :chin: Might be a race for a SRM, maybe playing around and including #2 Mighty Giant #5 Duke Wai & #8 Tourbillion Diamond

Race 8 - #5 Packing Victory $2, up in grade but down in weight and should continue on winning. Obvious quin horse is #1 Ima Single Man who'll get home hard.

Race 10 - the big fella #1 Naboo Attack $2.5 again just needs clear air to show his thing, #5 Killer Bee is the danger although I can't see him sitting behind NA and running past him.

Good luck for those having a play.
Sports Talk / GOLF
« Last post by JWesleyHarding on 39 minutes ago »
Club golfers can do what they like but "gimme" putts should not be conceded in pro golf.

They aren't conceded in stroke play why should they be in match play?
Sports Talk / NRL 2021
« Last post by JWesleyHarding on 59 minutes ago »
In response to those who indicate Souths might have been given a leg up for the 2014 Grand Final I have two words to say............Issac Luke.
Comps & Clubs / Spring 2021 Competition
« Last post by JWesleyHarding on 1 hour ago »
Finally from a busy weekend and. with a sigh of relief from me  :sweat:,

At least it keeps you off the streets.
Sports Talk / Rugby Union Discussion
« Last post by nemisis on 1 hour ago »

trust Dave Rennie, boys....if he can't take the Wallabies forward, no-one can.

I don't want to say "I told you so" but I did tell you so.

I know these are home games but this is the best the Wallabies have looked for years.
Samu Kerevi looks  close to the best centre in world rugby at the moment.

While I'm no great fan of the Wallabies I am a great fan of Dave Rennie.
Looks like it does take a Kiwi to give a bit of hope to the thousands of  Wallaby fans who crave some regular success, after all!
Comps & Clubs / Spring 2021 Competition
« Last post by specialweek2 on 2 hours ago »
Excellent work Brian.
« Last post by Racehorses on 2 hours ago »
Monday: Tamworth