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Racing Talk / Comparing the prices
« Last post by wily ole dog on 2019-Jun-22, 07:32 PM  »

Each way is a term or phrase I used mate. I do seperate them into individual bets :thumbsup:
Racing Talk / Comparing the prices
« Last post by gunbower on 2019-Jun-22, 07:31 PM  »
Wily , I agree . My records suggest that tote prices on average will triumph. However other factors such as expected size of pool , location etc always come in to play .For example Today I was happy to take 16/1 the winner of a Quirindi  Maiden on the fixed odds. I am not going to beat myself up about the fact it paid over 22/1 on all totes. You would if it was a Melbourne Cup but based on location and expected pool size you just cop it sweet.
Racing Talk / Comparing the prices
« Last post by jfc on 2019-Jun-22, 07:23 PM  »
Betfair claims BSP beat Best Tote by 16.1%.

So why are you ignoring that?

I might also ask why on earth are you stuffing about with EW when you can better returns with individual Win and place bets!
Racing Talk / Comparing the prices
« Last post by wily ole dog on 2019-Jun-22, 07:02 PM  »
Good day given Iím an each way punter but god it could have been huge  :o
5 winners, 5 x  2nds, 2 x 3rd and three 4th at big prices from 19 bets

Based on today it appears  itís best to forget about pre post betting or fixed prices.

Simply taking  best tote paid better by a ratio of 7 to 2 and 10 instances where it was basically no difference between totes & corps
Racing Talk / Race Records of International Champions
« Last post by tontonan on 2019-Jun-22, 05:14 PM  »
I am enjoying discovering some of these horses that I know very little of but who achieved so much.  Bald Eagle raced in Britain and America, dirt and turf.  He repeatedly ran record time and it often took a horse running a course record to beat him. 

While I am no expert it has always seemed to me that Nasrullah is a land mark horse historically who marks the end of the Jersey law (or at least the beginning of the end) and resumption of trans Atlantic breeding which has a huge influence on the evolution of the modern thoroughbred.

Also interesting were the Australiasian influences in Bald Eagle's pedigree.  You have maentioned Carbine's contribution through Nearco and he is also present in the pedigree of Hemlock on the dam's side and the dam sire of Bull Dog.  Also Australian bred Darebin is present as the sire of Emma C, dam of Commando, in the pedigree of Black Toney,
Qld Gallops / Reading the tea leaves.
« Last post by wily ole dog on 2019-Jun-22, 01:47 PM  »
Yes I did mate. Disappointed in the ride. I thought it should have won given better tactics  :sad:
Qld Gallops / Reading the tea leaves.
« Last post by JWesleyHarding on 2019-Jun-22, 01:01 PM  »
Luckily for Vega One he enjoyed a nice run in the race trailing Phobetor.

Hope you backed Churning for the place, Wily.
Racing Talk / Comparing the prices
« Last post by wily ole dog on 2019-Jun-22, 12:45 PM  »
Okay, following a conversation with Dave along the lines of value,  where I had a feeling the tote seems to pay better than what the corporates do on my bets. Epecially pre post which often seems poor.

Off to a flyer today. Sure to fall in a heap  :biggrin:

Runners today where Iíve used BetEasy

Indian Rani won. Tote $8 corporate 5s out to  $7

Funstar won. T$2.2 corporate $1.60 out to $2

Pop Queen. I had a place bet. Win odds T$32. C$34 into $31. Tote paid better the place

Primitivo won. T$7.10 . C $5 out to $6
Belfast Bella lost. T$8.40. C$8.50

Churning 3rd $20.50 & $4.30. C $19 & $3.60

Sofiaís Gold Class upl $7.80. C $6.50 out to $10

Curragh 3rd T$7.6. C$7.50

Golden Halo 2nd. T$7.20. C$7.00

Lady Eighty Eight  4th. Same odds

Vow and Declare won. T$3.50C$3.10

Cellarman unpl Corps marginally better

Winter Bride unpl T$26. C$19

Amanaat another bloody 2nd. Both T&C similar

Friar Fox won. T$3.10. C $3.20 in from $4.20

Electric Light unpl
Lockroy 2nd. $31 both t & c similar

True Attraction 2nd. T$6. C$7

Touch of Silver 4th. Both similar

Qld Gallops / Reading the tea leaves.
« Last post by JWesleyHarding on 2019-Jun-22, 09:42 AM  »
M Costa is an up and coming trainer. He is striking this season at better than 20%. He has a reputation for placing his horses very astutely. His winners are often very heavily backed.

He has 2 runners in race 4 at Eagle Farm tomorrow, Malahide and Phobetor.

The opening fav is Vega One, at odds on.

Costaís Malahide was the opening second fav.

Vega One and Malahide are stakes horses. Alongside the good mare, Manaya, Malahide would be just about the best performed horse in M Costaís stable.

Vega One, Malahide and others in the race have ratings which are miles above that of Phobetor, whose 2 wins from 3 starts have come in restricted races at the Gold Coast.

In a handicap, Vega One would be required to give Phobetor 8.5kgs and Malahide would have to give him 4.5kgs.

As it happens, under the conditions of the race, Phobetor meets Vega One at level weights and has to give Malahide 2kgs.

M Cahill, who rides a lot for M Costa, won a trial on Phobetor and rode him to success on debut, rides Malahide tomorrow.

So why is Phobetor even in this race, when the astute trainer has his best 3yo running, with an obvious winning chance, and there must be a plethora of much weaker and more suitable options for Phobetor to go through his grades?

Buggered if I know. But someone apparently does, as Phobetorís firmed from $15 on Wednesday to $5 with the TAB, and is now second fav to Vega One.


One would expect the owners to voice an opinion.
Qld Gallops / Reading the tea leaves.
« Last post by wily ole dog on 2019-Jun-22, 09:16 AM  »
Churning is at idiotic odds in that race. Reckon it will win and reckon its the best horse in the race :thumbsup: