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O.P. « 2010-Jun-24, 01:34 PM »
I read where the sponsors have withdrawn sponsorship of a forthcoming big bash.

Due to a supposed scandal imvolving wrestlers betting on baseball, mahjong and card games.

What the hell does betting on another sport have to do with how honestly they would perform at Sumo wrestling?

Same thing re footballers and cricketers etc when they get into hot water for betting on games which have nothing to do with their performances.

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« 2010-Jun-24, 02:03 PM Reply #1 »
Nothing to do with betting but more re Sumo's.

In book Freakonomcis, and they looked into Sumo matches being "fixed".  Can't exactly remember the details, but was a different view on fixing.

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« 2010-Jun-24, 02:29 PM Reply #2 »
They're called rikishi not sumos. A bit more to it than the story reveals. Gambling in Japan is limited to a number of sports, baseball is not one of them.
This rikishi was betting with Yakuza. Cut a long story short others have revealed their souls in the betting scandal and there is a threat that the july tournament may be cancelled and a decision will be made July 4th.

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« 2010-Jun-24, 02:53 PM Reply #3 »
Oh, so they broke the law not just some sports federation's regulations?

I thought it was a bit like that Rules player form Port, or Adelaide, who got into trouble for having some $20 multi bet on matches which included English soccer.

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« 2018-Apr-29, 11:45 AM Reply #4 »

Thoughts on lady medicos entering the ring?

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« 2018-May-01, 07:33 AM Reply #5 »
The sport follows traditions of Shinto and how this no women on a dohyo( fighting ring) has evolved is based on women  are impure during their period and no blood can be seen on sacred ground. Any rikishi bleeding during a bout salt is quickly thrown onto the area to purify.
It is all very archaic thinking and when asked the elders say, ' that is how it has always been', without offering any reason as to why it shouldn't be abolished.
I can't see them bowing to pressure soon but who knows.