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O.P. « 2017-Dec-05, 01:10 AM »


When and where is the game being played?

Round 9 of the 2018 Toyota AFL Premiership Season

Gold Coast SUNS v Port Adelaide

Saturday 19 May, 2018

Adelaide Arena at Jiangwan Stadium

Shanghai, China

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« 2017-Dec-05, 01:12 AM Reply #1 »
Early UBET Market

Team Premiers Top 4 Top 8 Minor Premiers
Adelaide $6.00 $1.80 $1.15 $4.75
Sydney $6.00 $1.80 $1.15 $4.75
GWS $7.00 $2.00 $1.25 $5.50
Geelong $8.00 $2.40 $1.40 $8.50
Port Adelaide $8.00 $2.40 $1.40 $8.50
Richmond $9.00 $2.60 $1.50 $8.50
Essendon $13.00 $3.50 $1.60 $15.00
Melbourne $13.00 $3.50 $1.60 $15.00
Collingwood $23.00 $4.50 $1.90 $26.00
Western Bulldogs $23.00 $4.50 $1.90 $26.00
Hawthorn $26.00 $5.50 $2.25 $29.00
St Kilda $41.00 $9.00 $2.70 $41.00
West Coast $41.00 $9.00 $2.70 $41.00
Fremantle $61.00 $12.00 $4.00 $101.00
Carlton $81.00 $15.00 $5.00 $101.00
Brisbane $101.00 $21.00 $7.00 $201.00
North Melbourne $101.00 $21.00 $7.00 $201.00
Gold Coast $201.00 $34.00 $13.00 $501.00

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« 2018-Feb-21, 07:48 AM Reply #2 »
The latest concept of AFL football is now called AFLX.
A version of AFL that is played by less players on a smaller rectangular pitch with a reduction in game time etc etc , but designed to attract the attention of  AFL diehards in the pre season. An interestiing point was made the other day in that the game is a bit like being alone on a deserted island with ten is too easy to score   :beer:

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« 2018-Feb-21, 08:35 AM Reply #3 »
Pity the commentators didn't know the rules either.

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« 2018-Mar-23, 08:28 AM Reply #4 »
Tasmania's attempt to get a team into the AFL could be thwarted by the Victorian ALP government. Apparently the ALP are giving thought to entering a team themselves.To be called the Cheaters. There will be no salary cap and the pay will be secret.

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« 2018-Mar-23, 05:17 PM Reply #5 »
Didn't take them long to play the gender card. There would be some smart mouthed lawyer on the end of all this.

AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan responds as Katie Brennan to take ban to Australian Human Rights Commission

UPDATE: AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan says the rule inconsistency that has seen Western Bulldogs AFLW captain Katie Brennan begin proceedings with the Australian Human Rights Commission will be looked at this year.
Brennan will not play in Saturdayís Grand Final after deciding not to go to Federal Court in an effort to get an injunction on or overturn her two-match ban for rough conduct.

The AFL Appeals Board denied Brennanís case on Thursday afternoon, which challenged AFLW rules on gender discrimination grounds, as the rules saw her suspended for the same act that would see a male AFL player only fined.

This rule was reportedly requested because AFLW players could not afford the financial sanctions given to AFL players. Brennan would have been fined $5000 in this case if she was an AFL player.

Won't be long before they will be asking for equal pay as the men get.

Should have left the genie back in the bottle.

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« 2018-Mar-23, 05:29 PM Reply #6 »
I know this report is about a month old but really is a turn off

AFL clears transgender footballer Hannah Mouncey to play in state women's leagues

Transgender footballer Hannah Mouncey will be allowed to play in state and territory women's leagues in 2018, as the AFL finalises its gender diversity policy for the national league.

The AFL blocked Mouncey from entering last year's AFLW draft after she had played several games for Ainslie in the ACT women's league.

She wants to play in Victoria against the state's top AFLW talent in 2018.

Previously, Mouncey would have had to apply to the individual league she wanted to play for and be given clearance, but the ruling means she is automatically accepted into any league under the AFL umbrella.

On Twitter, Mouncey issued a lengthy written statement. She also posted a YouTube video.

She said while she welcomed the AFL's decision, it would be "highly inappropriate" for her to thank them for allowing her to "do something open to every other Australian, which science and research has supported all along".

She outlined the difficulties of transitioning, including problems finding housing, employment and support, as well as losing friends through the process.

What an ungracious prick...errrr whatever.......this person is.

One of the reasons they say Donald Trump was elected was that the population was sick of identity politics like this crap.

So in future, if the AFWL takes off and becomes professional, we'll have every second rate AFL player going over to Thailand to have their prick cut off and come back as a transgender player and earning the same money as men - this is where this is headed.

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« 2018-Apr-08, 06:47 PM Reply #7 »
Joe Daniher would have to be the most over rated footballer presently playing in the AFL.
Attempts spectacular marks, missing 9/10, attempts a handball after marking 8 metres out in the goal square.As full forward he is supposed to kick goals yet kicks more points and out of bounds on the full than goals.
and I support Essendon
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« 2018-Apr-08, 07:34 PM Reply #8 »
Yes Bubba it was one of the most elementary errors you could imagine. In days gone by he would be shaking hands with the Reserves coach tomorrow night.