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O.P. « 2017-Sep-06, 10:37 AM »
Over the past few days I have watched FIFA, AFL, NRL & cricket in Bangladesh. I have made several observations in that viewing.

Cricket... Watched two Australian players battle on under extreme weather conditions, both  Cummins & Handscomb were completely dehydrated to the extent of collapse but keep going.

NRL & AFL.. week after week I see players hammered by their opposition but get up and battle on

FIFA.. I watched the second half of the Japan vs Saudi Arabia game early this morning At half time it was nil all both sides, but ten minutes into the second half Saudi Arabia got a goal, then everything change. For the remainder of that second half the Saudis after challengers, fell to the ground faking injury. I counted six times . On one occasion one Saudi was stretched off , but when off the pitch then walked to the bench,  then not much later, for some reason, the game was halted for a "drink break". I thought no worries time would be added for injury time and that "drink break". The commentator thought there would be at least 6 minutes added time, but alas the referee deemed only 4 extra minutes should be added.
Anyone who watches NRL or AFL will know the clock is stopped during the game for any number of reasons and is then restarted.

I pose this question: In soccer the added time is only displayed nearing full time, but seems to be entirely at the referee's discretion.How can it be the extra time is only in exact minutes, surely it is not possible for extra time to be in exact minutes, why not 3 minutes 30 seconds or 3 minutes 45 seconds ?

In AFL & NRL there are independant time keepers surely the referee cannot umpire a game and keep track of the added time

I might be biased, but what is wrong with soccer players who writhe in pain on the ground when they are tackled or receive a kick in the shin whereas AFL & NRL footballers do not carry on as if they have been shot in the leg ?
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« 2017-Sep-06, 10:44 AM Reply #1 »
Geez Hanscombe looked crook, big effort to tough it out.

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« 2017-Sep-06, 05:50 PM Reply #2 »
Bubba, it's not as bad as it used to be but you still see plenty of it coming from the African and middle eastern countries  :rant: