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Offline ratsack

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« 2019-Jul-19, 08:00 PM Reply #100 »
so we get Tiger at +6 with more TV time than many others  FFS

AND finally Cam Smith 3 under we get to see 2 putts

telecast taken over by Yanks

Offline timw

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« 2019-Jul-20, 08:49 AM Reply #101 »
Re David Duval's really bad hole in Round 1 - change to 'facts' recorded above

According to today's Age: he thought he was playing his third ball until he realised at the green it was the wrong ball - he could not find the correct ball - so was obliged to return to the tee and start all over again - he was playing 9 of the tee - and took 6 more shots- the marker put it down as a 15 - and then after the scorers erroneously decided the third provisional did not count, it was up dated to a 14.

I am struggling with this. In the ordinary course of events he would play his second ball (first provisional ball) which he did.  The question then is what about the loss of a subsequent provisional ball(s). The message seems to be that you need to lose balls in the order in which you hit them so you are better off only hitting one provisional ball to reduce the chance of hitting a wrong ball. If you hit 3 balls off the tee lose the first and third but find the second you are deemed to have lost all three and need to go back and hit a fourth. So his fourth ball was his 7th stroke (including lost ball penalties) plus 2 strokes for a wrong ball gives a total of nine off the tee.  If he had another 6 shots after his fourth tee shot that totals 15 for the hole rather than 14 stated in the paper.  Something doesn't make sense here,


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« 2019-Jul-20, 01:49 PM Reply #102 »
Dunno about anyone else but my head's spinning, tim.

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« 2019-Aug-02, 08:31 PM Reply #103 »
Final round earlier than expected
NORTH Lakes Golf Club will close on August 11 with more than 25 staff told yesterday that they will be out of a job in the transformation to a retirement village.

Golf shop workers, bar staff and course maintenance crew were informed the last rounds would be played on course that day with a contract of sale finalised earlier than forecast.

The closing date caught the active Save North Lakes Golf Course group by surprise because they had planned a fundraising golf day on August 11 to aid the fight.

Some staff will have employment options when The Village Retirement Group repurposes the 68ha site for a retirement village, aged care facility and large tracts of public open space.

Young pro Dane McArdle, who worked two or three days a week part-time in the North Lakes golf shop, said it was sad to see the quality layout close.

“As a golf course, this is one of the best in Brisbane and it’s definitely disappointing to see it close,” Mr McArdle said. “The club did a lot for me with time off to play events, use of the practice facilities and giving me work when I returned to help fund my golf career.”

The demise of the course after 17 years was hastened when owner Adam Simpson was confronted by losses and patronage continued to decline over the past 12 months.


Big loss of amenity for all of the locals who bought homes at North Lakes to play golf would have to question the decision of the Moreton Council if they have approved the change from sport and recreation to commercial development for a retirement village ...possibly the locals may have some legal remedies if they can afford the costs involved in attempting to save the golf course .

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