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Offline OldLarsy

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O.P. « 2009-Feb-06, 11:07 AM »
Did anyone see this? Absolutely disgraceful act, not only punching a team mate to the ground, but also kicking him between the legs while face-down.

Carlton training fight as Setanta O hAilpin king hits team-mate

BREAKING NEWS: CARLTON'S intra-club match erupted sensationally when Setanta O hAilpin king-hit then kicked teammate Cameron Cloke.

The players were scuffling late in the third quarter when the notoriously temperamental O hAilpin cut loose.

First he threw a left-handed roundhouse at Cloke, dropping him, and then struck out with his right boot.

The third quarter ended and O hAilpin was told to leave the ground by teammate Nick Stevens.

It compounded an already disappointing intra-club match with best and fairest-winning midfielder Andrew Carrazzo leaving the ground with what is believed to be a serious left arm injury.

O hAilpin has been known to tangle with his teammates at training but kicking a player, especially a teammate, is seen as one of football's lowest acts.

Cloke left the ground shaken and was assessed by doctors for what seemed a bruise on his right eyebrow and took no part in the game.

Surrounded by media post-match he would say only that he was fine and was unwilling to discuss the issue.

This disrupts what was shaping as a perfect preseason for Carlton with captain Chris Judd in perfect condition and Brendan Fevola earlier kicking a goal in a solid performance.

Offline BillandTony

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« 2009-Feb-06, 11:26 AM Reply #1 »
Bloody Irishman.

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« 2009-Feb-06, 12:15 PM Reply #2 »
Bloody Aussie Rules is a niggling game, i am amaized there is not more violence the way players niggle and niggle and niggle some more.

Offline vedder

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« 2009-Feb-06, 01:11 PM Reply #4 »

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« 2009-Feb-06, 01:31 PM Reply #5 »
Its hard to get to upset at the Irishman, it was only a Cloke he punched and kicked.

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« 2009-Feb-06, 02:36 PM Reply #6 »
Isn't that the 3rd Cloke to go down this year?
Dad must be proud!

Offline KD

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« 2009-Feb-06, 03:08 PM Reply #7 »
yeah the kicking part was the scum act  :thumbsd:...but fights in intra club games isn't something new.

Offline Kato

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« 2009-Feb-06, 03:39 PM Reply #8 »
Hope we're not all jumping to conclusions as to what actually happened.

He may be a bit of a mongrel but then again is Cloke a saint?

I'd be interested to know what was said & done prior to the alleged incident.

Offline OldLarsy

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« 2009-Feb-06, 03:55 PM Reply #9 »
Ya just don't kick a bloke between the legs that's lying defenseless on the ground no matter what the circumstances.
Dog act.  emthdown

Offline Bundy

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« 2009-Feb-06, 04:01 PM Reply #10 »
He prolly did not punch nor kick him.... :censored:

Offline OldLarsy

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« 2009-Feb-11, 11:01 PM Reply #11 »
Very light sentence imo

AFL bans Carlton's Setanta O'hAilpin for four games

CARLTON'S Setanta O'hAilpin was yesterday suspended by the AFL's match review panel for the first four rounds of the premiership season after his attack on teammate Cameron Cloke in an intra-club match last Friday.

But his availability for senior selection remains open-ended as he is also under an indefinite club suspension and has been banned from club activities. O'hAilpin must also undergo an anger management course with the club's sports psychologist.

During a spiteful off-the-ball clash lasting several seconds, O'hAilpin appeared to punch Cloke to the head with a right cross then a swinging left fist which dropped the former Collingwood player. Cloke was then kicked in the buttock as the ruckman lay face down on the ground.

The review panel found O'hAilpin guilty of intentionally striking and kicking Cloke and he accepted the four-match penalty, reduced from five games because of his early guilty plea.

Demerit points for both offences were added together to reach the penalty.

The panel assessed his strike charge as medium impact, rather than severe or high, while his kicking action was judged at the bottom end of the scale, at low impact.

O'hAilpin is free to continue to play in any NAB Cup game or practice match, but that will depend on whether the Blues lift their internal suspension.

Carlton last night said its suspension remained in place, but would be reviewed later this week following discussions between the player, the club and the leadership group.

O'hAilpin has been barred from attending the club's community camp in Seymour this week and will train with VFL affiliate club the Northern Bullants.

New Collingwood captain Nick Maxwell could miss the rest of his club's NAB Cup campaign, and possibly the start of the season proper, after being charged with rough conduct against West Coast newcomer Patrick McGinnity.

Maxwell laid a front-on bump in the opening quarter of Saturday night's NAB Cup opener in Perth, which resulted in McGinnity fracturing his jaw.

Maxwell's previous poor tribunal record, plus carryover points, could cost him severely.

He can accept a three-match suspension if he pleads guilty to the charge.

The panel assessed the incident as negligent conduct, high impact, and high contact, drawing 325 demerit points.