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Offline wily ole dog

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O.P. « 2012-Jan-14, 01:10 PM »
It may have been on the old forum but I'm sure there was a thread bagging this bloke as a trainer.

I've noticed he's getting a few winners of late. Whats his record like now after an obviously slow start?

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« 2012-Jan-14, 01:17 PM Reply #1 »

Jim Pike

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« 2012-Jan-14, 05:23 PM Reply #2 »
I haven't noticed him getting enough winners to go even close to paying their way, have you?? how many city winners has he had in the last 3 months/6 months/12 months etc?? when you have $20/30 million invested would you be happy with the success rate? you just have to get some winners don't you?