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« 2016-Jul-27, 04:02 PM Reply #125 »
Hopefully there is plenty of follow up and that she gets all the help and support that she deserves

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« 2016-Jul-27, 04:38 PM Reply #126 »
The search for trainer Bindi Cheers is continuing on Wednesday with NSW Police believing they sighted the 44-year-old on Tuesday afternoon.

I still don't understand how there was so many sightings of her before they found her?  I thought she'd wandered off into the bush?  Anyway, it doesn't matter now that they've found her.     emthup  

Edit - found some more info that explained the sighting and how they found her.

There had been the brief encounter with a truck driver at the end of the M1 Motorway on Tuesday afternoon, where she answered to her name but ran back into bushland instead of inviting help, and some other evidence found in the bushland near the John Renshaw Drive roundabout.


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« 2017-Jun-06, 07:27 PM Reply #127 »
Stanaway in the clear over 'pig' comment

By James Lamb  7 hours ago

  Bryce Stanaway avoided sanction at Tuesday's hearing  Image: Getty

Colourful Victorian trainer Bryce Stanaway has avoided penalty from the Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board after calling a steward 'a pig of a man'.

Stanaway, a central figure in the infamous #sandwichgate saga, was found guilty of misconduct but his comments did not warrant punishment, according to the Board.
Tuesday's hearing was earlier adjourned for stewards to consider whether the matter was substantial enough to consume the tribunal's time.

Stanaway's 'pig' comment was directed at Victoria steward Chris Agnew at the Werribee meeting on April 8 in response to Agnew allegedly calling Stanaway 'stupid'.

The Board heard that Agnew asked two Werribee gatemen where 'stupid Bryce Stanaway was' - a comment that was later passed on to a disgruntled Stanaway.

According to Racing.com's Andrew Eddy, RAD Board chairman Judge John Bowman said that one man calling another 'stupid' and then one man calling the other 'a pig' amounted to '15-all'.

Stanaway said the matter would have been resolved quickly if he and Agnew had adopted the ways of the 'shearing gangs in New Zealand' where the pair would have been thrown into the swabbing box to settle their differences, reported Eddy.

The Torquay-based Stanaway has saddled up 91 runners this year for just the one winner.

Racing Victoria officials had already found Agnew guilty of breaching their own code of conduct for his role in the matter and had taken undisclosed action.

Agnew has also signaled his intention to make a written apology to Stanaway.

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