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« 2019-Oct-11, 03:16 PM Reply #25 »
Thursday 10 October, 2019
Craig Brennan
AAP report
A Racing Victoria inquiry involving trainer Jarrod McLean (L) has been held behind closed doors.
Group One-winning trainer Jarrod McLean has been suspended by Racing Victoria stewards until police charges including animal cruelty are finalised in court.

McLean fronted RV stewards on Thursday after being charged a day earlier by the Victoria Police Sporting Integrity Intelligence Unit.

He is facing multiple counts of engaging in torturing, abusing, overworking and terrifying a thoroughbred racehorse; and causing unreasonable pain or suffering to a thoroughbred racehorse.

McLean is facing 16 charges which also include conduct that corrupts betting outcomes and possessing cocaine.

The charges emanate from raids on properties of disqualified trainer Darren Weir at Ballarat and Warrnambool in January.

RV stewards on Thursday opened three separate inquiries involving McLean, registered stable employee Tyson Kermond and licensed jockey agent and registered stable employee William Hernan.

Each was charged by stewards for refusing to give evidence as requested and have been referred to the Victorian Racing Tribunal.

McLean-trained horses accepted for races at Ballarat on Friday - Wish I Might, Lucy Mac and Pour Vous - have all been scratched on stewards orders.

Like McLean, Kermond was suspended until his police charges are dealt with in court.

The inquiries were held behind closed doors after their legal representative Patrick Wheelahan made a submission to exclude the media from the hearings.

Along with being a trainer in his own right, McLean was Weir's right hand man in charge of the disgraced trainer's Warrnambool stable.

Weir, who was disqualified by the Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board in February for four years, was also charged by police on Wednesday and faces nine charges, will be directed to attend a future stewards' inquiry .

Kermond was charged by police with six animal cruelty offences and one count of conspiracy to defraud Racing Victoria with Hernan facing one charge of corrupt conduct.

All four are due to to appear in Melbourne Magistrates court on October 23.


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« 2019-Oct-16, 09:38 AM Reply #26 »
Future of Jarrod McLean's Group I winner Trap For Fools uncertain
Article Author
Ben Dorries12:00PM12 October 2019

The future of suspended trainer Jarrod McLean's Group I winner Trap For Fools is uncertain.
It is understood McLean's intention had been to transfer last year's Mackinnon Stakes winner into the care of fellow Group I-winning Warrnambool trainer Lindsey Smith.
But steward Rob Montgomery said on Saturday that stewards were yet to receive any application from McLean to transfer Trap For Fools or other horses in his stable.
McLean, also a former Darren Weir foreman, was on Thursday suspended from racing until police charges against him are finalised in the courts.
McLean is facing 16 police charges as part of the case involving disgraced trainer Weir and others.
McLean was charged with: Conspiracy to defraud Racing Victoria stewards; engaging in conduct that corrupts or would corrupt a betting outcome or event contingency; use of corrupt conduct information; engaging in the torturing, abusing, overworking and terrifying of a thoroughbred; causing unreasonable pain or suffering to a thoroughbred and possession of cocaine.
McLean has also been fighting charges laid by RV stewards surrounding alleged possession of jiggers and his conduct during their inquiries into raids on properties related to Weir’s former empire in January.
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Meanwhile Leo Schink writing in the CM yesterday reported :-
LINDSEY Smith said he was unlikely to take any horses from Warrnambool trainer Jarrod McLean, who has been stood down indefinitely pending the outcome of police charges.
Smith met stewards on Saturday to discuss the blocked transfer of six former McLean horses to his yard.
The gallopers, including Mackinnon Stakes winner Trap For Fools, are owned by Smith’s largest owner Geoff Evans.
Smith said he fully understood the stewards’ decision.
“The application has not been submitted and I understand the other side of it (the connection to McLean),” he said


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« 2019-Oct-16, 11:47 AM Reply #27 »
Why would Smith not be allowed the horses ?

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« 2019-Oct-16, 12:50 PM Reply #28 »
Lindsay was interviewed on Perth radio yesterday and explained that he had no problem with the stewards,

The problem was that the transfer of McLean's horses was simply done by stable return whereas there should have been
an application to the stewards foor the transfer to happen.

He said he was pretty sure he would be training the horses except at this stage Trap for Fools would be going back to a paddock in WA with future uncertain.

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« 2019-Oct-18, 10:23 PM Reply #29 »
Friday 18 October, 2019
Georgie Moore
AAP report
Trainer Jarrod McLean has lost his Supreme Court case against Racing Victoria.
Racing authorities will be free to charge trainer Jarrod McLean with horse doping offences after he lost a court bid to keep evidence from a police raid on his Victorian stables secret.

McLean had claimed Victoria Police acted unlawfully when it gave Racing Victoria information about items seized during the January 30 raid at Yangery, near Warrnambool.

The former assistant to disqualified trainer Darren Weir failed in his Supreme Court bid to stop the industry body charging him with further offences based on evidence seized in the raid, or relying on it in any disciplinary proceedings.

Justice Melinda Richards on Friday determined police acted lawfully and Racing Victoria could use the information.

But it will not be able to do so until next Friday, when an extended confidentiality order around the seized documents expires.

Court documents show RV sought to charge McLean with the serious racing offences of administering a prohibited substance and refusing or failing to give evidence to stewards.

Racing authorities opened a fresh inquiry after police handed over new information in August.

McLean was charged by the racing body in February with the possession of an electrical apparatus, known as a jigger, capable of affecting the performance of a horse, and with conduct prejudicial to racing.

Police last week also charged McLean and Weir with animal cruelty offences and conspiracy to defraud racing stewards.

The 38-year-old McLean is due to face court next week on 16 charges, including cocaine possession. Weir and two other men are also due to appear.

Weir, 49, was in February banned from racing for four years following the discovery of three jiggers in his bedroom.

McLean had been in charge of Weir's Warrnambool stables, and will remain suspended from racing until the criminal charges against him are finalised in court.

In a statement, RV said it would comply with the orders preventing it from using or relying on information received from Victoria Police in relation to McLean before October 25.


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« 2019-Oct-23, 06:10 PM Reply #30 »
McLean charges outlined
Carl Di Iorio & Kate Watts@CDi_Iorio & @katewatts_
Trainer Jarrod McLean has been charged with using a poly pipe on two Darren Weir-trained horses that competed in last year's Melbourne Cup Carnival, before also placing losing bets on the pair.

McLean is accused of conduct involving horses Red Cardinal and Yogi that attempted to corrupt a betting outcome by engaging in an illicit, covert training regime.

McLean is charged with affecting the psychology of both horses through the use of a conducted energy device, blinkers, poly pipe and whistling while training on a treadmill, to affect race-day performance with the intention of obtaining financial advantage for himself by betting on the horse.

A poly pipe is a type of flexible plastic pipe used for fluid and gas transfer and is often used to replace ageing concrete or steel mains pipelines.

McLean is charged with training Red Cardinal according to those methods between October 24 and November 6 while Yogi was subjected to identical treatment from October 24 to November 3.

Red Cardinal ran 11th of 15 in the G2 Moonee Valley Gold Cup (2500m) on October 27 before finishing 23rd of 24 starters in the G1 Melbourne Cup (3200m) on November 6.

Yogi ran 11th of 15 in the G3 Geelong Cup (2400m) on October 24 before finishing seventh in the G3 Lexus Stakes (2500m) at Flemington on Derby Day (November 3).

McLean placed a $100 each-way bet at odds of $12 and $3.40 on Yogi in the Lexus Stakes, as well as a $60 quinella bet on Yogi and two other horses. He also placed $100 each way on Red Cardinal in the Melbourne Cup at odds of $41 the win and $11 the place.

The police charges state that McLean passed on betting information to Willie Hernan and Colin Cannon.



McLean, Weir & Co remanded to appear on 14th February for a commital hearing application likely to be made for it to be heard at Warnambool......police evidence to be handed over to their legal advisors.

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« 2019-Oct-23, 07:39 PM Reply #31 »


These guys will surely plead 'insanity' and the 'master in lunacy' will be monitoring them and anyone who bet on their 'tips'.

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« 2019-Oct-30, 05:29 PM Reply #32 »

Well done to Vic Police for finding Jarrod's hiding hole.

No positives to any drug tests proves how easy this all is for 'leading trainers' and another kick in the guts for racing.

My time in the greyhound world always had me wondering what % advantage EPO users had.

In the movie Icarus which is about the Russian doping scandal the leading doctor calculated it to be 15%

When Trap For Fools arrived at Jarrod's training base he had a 97 handicap rating and when he won The Mackinnon Stakes he rated 112.

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« 2020-Jan-08, 07:18 AM Reply #33 »

Jarrod McLean linked to new police case
Jarrod McLean linked to new police case
Article Author
5:37PM07 January 2020

Suspended trainer Jarrod McLean has been linked to a police investigation into an incident relating to extortion and threats to kill and damage property.

Victoria Police said they have interviewed two men over an alleged incident in the Melbourne suburb of Rowville between May and December 2019.

"The men, aged 39 and 45 from Yangery and Baringhup, were released and are expected to be charged on summons in relation to blackmail, extortion, make threats to kill and threats to damage property offences," police said in a statement.

The Age newspaper has named the 39-year-old as McLean and Racing Victoria says it is aware of the new investigation.

"We've been notified by Victoria Police that they have an ongoing investigation into the conduct of a male from Yangery and another from Baringhup," RV said.

"As it is an ongoing police investigation it's inappropriate for us to comment any further, other than to say that we remain interested in the matter."

The former assistant to disqualified trainer Darren Weir, McLean was one of four men arrested in January, 2019 and charged with various offences including the use of electrical devices on horses, commonly known as jiggers.

The 49-year-old Weir, at the time Australia's biggest trainer, was disqualified for four years in February while McLean is fighting the racing charges.

McLean was stood down by racing officials in October after he and Weir were charged by the Victoria Police Sporting Integrity Intelligence Unit with multiple offences.

McLean is scheduled in court next month to answer charges of engaging in torturing, abusing, overworking and terrifying a thoroughbred racehorse; causing unreasonable pain or suffering to a thoroughbred racehorse; conduct that corrupts betting outcomes and possessing cocaine.
Article Author

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