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Offline vadim

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« 2012-Nov-17, 07:06 PM Reply #50 »
And why shift him from Darren Smiths stable who had so much success with him.


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« 2015-Jun-27, 02:06 PM Reply #51 »
Kevin Moses has apparently joined the illustrious ranks of trainers to provide a positive ( or negative depending how you see these things ) to Cobalt.

I do not believe for a second he is a crook.

Surely this confirms there must be some skulduggery going on ?

As if any trainer would be using this stuff on purpose in the current climate ?


Online sobig

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« 2015-Jun-27, 03:35 PM Reply #52 »
According to a news item on Sky the sample is from Felix Bay who ran 5th on April 16th at Hawkesbury

Offline Gintara

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« 2015-Jun-27, 03:44 PM Reply #53 »
He needs all the help he can get as a trainer  :shutup:

Online fours

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« 2015-Jun-27, 05:14 PM Reply #54 »

Got more than a mention in 'the jockey tapes' did he not?

Training some stayers okay.


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« 2015-Jun-28, 01:29 PM Reply #55 »
I do not believe for a second he is a crook.

Surely this confirms there must be some skulduggery going on ?

The positive swab is not from post Cobalt Saga Matty  :stop:

I think this just confirms that the Cobalt Saga runs much deeper than most would have you believe.  emthdown

I think there will be many trainers feeling sick in the guts knowing there are a lot more names to be dropped into the flames  :chin:

Offline ACER

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« 2015-Jun-28, 03:05 PM Reply #56 »
And we all knew what Rolf Harris was up to too.

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« 2015-Aug-21, 03:38 PM Reply #57 »

Trainer Kevin Moses banned for 12 months over cobalt positive

33 minutes ago
Kevin Moses has lodged an appeal against his 12-month ban.

TRAINER Kevin Moses has been disqualified for 12 months over a high cobalt level returned by Felix Bay in a race at Hawkesbury in April.

Racing NSW chief steward Ray Murrihy said his panel took the trainerís good record into account but said the offence was a serious one.

Moses immediately lodged an appeal against the ban.

Offline wily ole dog

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« 2015-Aug-21, 05:51 PM Reply #58 »
Anyone surprised?

Offline monologue

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« 2015-Aug-21, 07:45 PM Reply #59 »

Offline overdue

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« 2015-Aug-21, 08:19 PM Reply #60 »
1 win in the last 50 starters

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« 2015-Aug-23, 08:56 PM Reply #61 »
Kevin Moses to fight 12-month disqualification over cobalt
Date August 22, 2015 
A shocked Kevin Moses will fight a 12-month ban for presenting a horse to race with cobalt in its system.

Although the trainer was not charged with administering the substance, Racing NSW stewards said on Friday the offence was serious and warranted a period of disqualification.

"How, what, where and why has not been established and you have not been charged with administration," chief steward Ray Murrihy said.

"But a cobalt positive brings a certain amount of discredit to the industry."

A pre-race sample taken from Felix Bay before he raced on April 16 at Hawkesbury showed a level in excess of the 200 micrograms per litre of urine threshold.

So sure was the trainer that Felix Bay had received nothing untoward he gave the go-ahead for the gelding to race after being told of the elevated level.

"I've never touched cobalt," Moses said.

"Why would I hit a $7000 horse in a (benchmark) 75 with it?"

Moses' wife and forewoman, Jenny, told the inquiry she was the only one in the stable apart from the vet authorised to give injections to horses and Felix Bay had received vitamins the night before.

Racing NSW senior vet Craig Suann said recent studies showed a dramatic decrease in cobalt levels within four to six hours of injection with substances containing it such as VAM.

He said his opinion, based on those studies, was that the levels found in Felix Bay indicated he received the substance on race day.

Moses and his wife said they had taken little notice of the publicity surrounding recent cases because they did not believe they were using products containing cobalt.

"I never read the warnings because we don't use it," Jenny Moses said.

"I didn't know so many products had it in them."

That element of the case was one Murrihy said the stable had failed to address.

"The responsibility is with you to know what is in the stable products and to read all the necessary publications."

A three-time Sydney premiership-winning jockey, Moses took out his training licence in January 2002 and until Friday had not been charged with any offences.


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