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O.P. « 2017-Jul-10, 02:52 PM »
Most likely a relatively unknown name in the Victorian training ranks a horse breaker held in high regard had a confrontation with trainer Shannon Hope over some text messages he discovered on his wife's phone shirt fronted Hope with an unloaded rifle in October last year which would have blown over except for a further incident in February this year with Hope who is facing charges of improper conduct .......Thomas fined $5K and lost his firearms licence and the weapon.

"At about 7 am on 9 October 2016, Mr Thomas arrived at Mr Hope's stables in Seymour, carrying a rifle. He confronted Mr Hope about text messages from Mr Hope which he had discovered on his wife's phone. He told Mr Hope to cease texting his wife. According to Mr Thomas, he had no intention to shoot Mr Hope, the rifle was unloaded, and he did not point it at Mr Hope. "My intention was to put distance between my family and Mr Hope," Mr Thomas said. Mr Hope told Stewards that he explained to Mr Thomas, who had misunderstood, that his texts had related to some food Mrs Thomas had provided the Hope family.

On 6 February 2017. During his April interview with Stewards, Mr Thomas revealed the earlier confrontation with Mr Hope in October 2016. At this point, I mention that I am aware that Mr Hope is facing a charge of improper conduct arising out of the February incident, but as that charge is yet to be heard, I make no comment."

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