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O.P. « 2018-Nov-25, 12:48 PM »
INQUIRY INTO THE ANALYSTS FINDING OF PHENYLBUTAZONE AND ITS METABOLITES IN THE URNE SAMPLE TAKEN FROM CALIFORNIA CONCORD FOLLOWING THE GELDING BEING PLACED FIRST IN THE CLASS 1 HANDICAP CONDUCTED AT NEWCASTLE 29 SEPTEMBER 2018 RNSW Offices Wednesday 21 November 2018 Druitt Street Sydney Stewards: M F Van Gestel (Chairman) P C Dingwall The Stewards today conducted an inquiry into the Analystsí findings of phenylbutazone and its metabolites in a post-race urine sample taken from California Concord following the gelding winning Race 3 - Class 1 Handicap conducted at Newcastle racecourse on the 29 September 2018.

Evidence was today taken from the co-trainers of California Concord Mr Peter & Paul Snowden, who also represented the interests of the owner, Racing NSW Chief Veterinary Officer Dr Toby Koenig and ARFL General Manager Mr John Keledjian.

The Stewards established the following; 1. The treatment records detailed on 28 September 2018 horses stabled next to California Concord were treated with 10ml of phenylbutazone paste. 2. California Concord had recently been relocated to that stable complex and treatment records show it was not scheduled to receive phenylbutazone on 28 September 2018. 3. The evidence of Mr Keledjian, having regard to a phenylbutazone study performed by RIRDC, was that the high level of phenylbutazone detected in the sample was consistent with the administration of phenylbutazone within 24 hours of the sample being collected.

Charge AR178 The Snowden training partnership pleaded guilty of a charge under AR178 of having brought California Concord to the Newcastle racecourse for the purposes of the gelding engaging in a race when the prohibited substances Phenylbutazone, Oxyphenbutazone and Gamma hydroxy phenylbutazone were detected in a post-race urine sample taken from the gelding.

Penalty In assessing penalty, the Stewards took into account the following 1. Guilty plea 2. Good record, all be it Mr Peter Snowdenís one prior offence under AR178 in 2011 for the same substance. 3. The Stewards determined the finding of phenylbutazone and its metabolites was due to the inadvertent administration of phenylbutazone on 28 September 2018. 4. Improvements made to stable husbandry. The partnership was fined the sum of $7000



Inadvertant administration of the prohibited substance due to the horse being relocated from one stable to another...... you would think in a big stable the occupants of each box would be identified by name and number.......and this wouldn't have happened ...possibly stable staff who do the feeding are mainly here on 457 Visas and may not be conversatant with the routine....so improvements (have been ) made to stable husbandry.
Surprising this hasn't attracted more questions than the stewards report answers.

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