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« 2015-Sep-22, 09:09 PM Reply #25 »
I notice they have taken Hijack Hussey off him and sent it to Darren Weir.

Fair to say he lost his way with her towards the end.

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« 2016-Sep-15, 07:43 PM Reply #26 »

Fined $8K for a positive from Amexed winning the Ipswich Cup has no idea how prednisone got into the horse.

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« 2016-Sep-19, 09:01 AM Reply #27 »

Trainer Tony Gollan says test flawed as he appeals $8000 fine and conviction for positive swab
NATHAN EXELBY, The Courier-Mail

September 18, 2016 5:00pm
THE lawyer acting for Tony Gollan has questioned the process of Queensland Racing Integrity Commission stewards as he attempts to have a decision against the premier trainer overturned.

Gollan was fined $8000 last week and his horse Amexed stripped of a $65,000 race win at Ipswich after a positive test to the substance prednisolone.

Gollan has lodged an appeal to QRIC’s Internal Review system, where he will argue the testing procedure was flawed.

It is understood the test carried out on Amexed’s urine was similar to that of the cobalt case involving trainer Lyn Paton, whereby both the A and B samples were tested at the same laboratory, the Albion-based Racing Science Centre.

Paton’s disqualification was overturned by the Racing Disciplinary Board, which ruled “the evidence provided as proof of the existence of the prohibited substance was fundamentally flawed and unreliable to justify a finding of guilt”.

There was a similar finding in the case of Rochelle Smith, which continued a long line of cobalt sentences overturned by the RDB on the grounds that the testing procedures did not comply with the Australian Rules of Racing.

While Gollan’s case is at the opposite end of the penalty spectrum to cobalt, his lawyer Peter Boyce, who acted for the family of Daniel Morcombe, argues it should be thrown out on the same grounds.

“There has been a clear finding that is contrary to what the stewards have handed down by a higher body than them,” Boyce said.

“We are simply running with what has already been ruled on. For us, it’s clear. It’s not palatable that they can ignore relevant decisions made by a higher authority.”

But Queensland Racing Integrity Commissioner Ross Barnett said QRIC will appeal the RDB ruling in the Paton case to QCAT and therefore defended the decision of stewards to prosecute other similar cases.

“Until we get a result from QCAT on that matter we will proceed as normal with other matters that occurred before July 1,” Barnett said.

Boyce has also questioned whether Kane Ashby, who will preside over the internal review, has a conflict of interest owing to his involvement as a witness in the VCAT hearings of trainers Danny O’Brien and Mark Kavanagh.

“They need to make sure the person working on the review is not contaminated at all by that (VCAT) process,” Boyce said. “If it’s not satisfactory, we’re off to QCAT.”

Barnett dismissed the notion that Ashby has a conflict, pointing out the hearings are being conducted in different jurisdictions

Obviously he has a chance's a narrow point both tests done at the same Lab....why have two tests if the second isn't done at a different Lab than the first.

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