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Offline koolcat

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O.P. « 2016-Aug-28, 08:47 AM »
How good to see Brent Zerafa back on Racing .Com at last someone on CH7 that knows racing  :clap2:Welcome back Brent.

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Online jfc

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« 2016-Aug-28, 08:53 AM Reply #1 »
I flipped channels every time I saw that piece of work open his vested gob.

Offline Peter Mair

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« 2016-Aug-28, 09:10 PM Reply #2 »

As someone who will have no truck with the clowns that run and appear of any RVL TV broadcast tripe, let me just say that unless the clowns are displaced, and proper journos, like BZ, are substituted, I will not be taking any notice in future either.

If RVL had any intention of making a proper contribution to broadcasting, people like Bruce Clark would be back front and centre immediately -- as well as BZ.

.......what was done to BZ was a disgrace.............. every racing journo keeps secrets ....... it is the administrators and the stewards that make no effort to find the insiders leaking the secrets  -- the insiders that have destroyed the integrity of racing.