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O.P. « 2022-Apr-20, 11:00 AM »
Does anybody know if a jockey riding overweight is published anywhere before the race for races in  Victoria ? For QLD and NSW races these weights are published under acceptances on the Racing Australia website but not for Victoria. I use these over weights as a part of my ratings.
Thanks in advance

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« 2022-Apr-20, 03:49 PM Reply #1 »
It would surprise me if that would ever happen apart from at bush meetings due to a change of circumstance

AR.120(b) . .If a rider, after having been declared is found to have accepted a ride for which he is overweight, such a rider may be punished and another rider may be substituted at the allotted weight,or nearer to the allotted weight

Apprentices not being able to claim their full allowance may be a different story, but I am sure that they are required to declare their riding weight with the control body
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« 2022-Apr-20, 06:12 PM Reply #2 »
Sorry, i didn't make myself clearer. I'm not looking for jockeys who didn't declare it. I am looking for jockeys who have permission from the stewards to ride overweight, sometimes up to 2kg but usually its a half or 1kg. It happens all the time but Victoria don't seem to record it before the race anywhere. NSW stewards post these permissions before the race.
Thanks anyway.