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O.P. « 2016-Sep-07, 04:31 PM »
Beautiful Spring day in Melbourne.

The races at Sandown have been abandoned owing to the state of the track.  Stewards said it was a Good 3.

I have always been fond of Sandown because it is my local and the course I have visited most over the years.  But I am not going to defend it.  It has always been intended to be nothing much more than functional and it has served its purpose for 50 years.  Besides no one goes to the races these days - not even me. 

May as well hold them in front of nobody at Tynong as hold them in front of nobody at Noble Park. 

No doubt they'll save the pokie joint.  The worst part is we will lose a half decent motor racing circuit as well.

It seems to suit the raceclub's purposes to have the meeting called off the punters calling for the track to be closed down.  It softens up public opinion for the always unpopular announcement that a racecourse will close... but these days I am not sure any one really gives a damn.

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« 2016-Sep-07, 05:36 PM Reply #1 »
The site of today's modern Sandown Park was opened in 1888 when it was known as the Oakleigh Park Racecourse

The first proprietor was Mr. W. C. Cullen and it was noted the  whole property covered an area of 295 acres, 13.5 of which were being devoted to the racecourse,   The track itself was a mile and three and a half furlongs in circumference-the same as Flemington-and from 73ft to 100ft. in width.

In 1891, the course was taken over by the Victorian Trotting Club and renamed Sandown Park after the famous course in England. Remarkably, for such a remote location, it had its own railway station, this also changing names from Oakleigh Racecourse, to Sandown Park in 1892.

The VTC's first meeting was held in October, 1891 and offered remarkable prize money for the time of 1,000 for the day, including the Oakleigh Park Cup of 350 sovereigns - despite its' name the Trotting Club also included gallopers, one of the races on the first day being a 13 furlong Hurdle, generally a bit tricky for trotters!  The club changed its name about three months later to the Sandown Park Racing Club.

The course was closed along with the other proprietary tracks on 31 July, 1931, but certainly post-war was being used for dog racing, most meetings differentiating between races held on a circular and a straight track.

With the closure of Williamstown, the Victorian Trotting and Racing Association made a move to buy the track under a Government ruling that each club must own its own course (the V.T.R.A. had been allowed to temporarily use Ascot), but commentators suggested that it was in such bad condition that it would take years to get it back to standards of the day.

The V.T.R.A. eventually bought the property in 1947, then nominated as being 90 acres, the price variously put at between 44,000 and 50,000 and announced grand plans to restore the site to become Melbourne's fourth track. Perhaps prophetically (although it was to take a long time), The Argus predicted "Sandown certainly offers the scope for a dream of a racecourse".

The V.T.R.A. eventually merged with Williamstown Racing Club, a move which surprised many as the V.T.R.A. had just 26 members and Williamstown 700. The move prompted on Labour politician to slam the deal, suggesting it had been brokered by John Wren and the merged club would be effectively under his control.

The plans never quite came to fruition although the MRC did spend around 136,000 on improvements, mainly drainage works and clearing the track which was overgrown in places with scrub.

By 1954, commentators were still predicting a new course was still some five years away. 

The National Coursing Association around this time bought property on the other side of the railway line for a new dog track, but until it was completed continued to lease Sandown Park.

In 1955, the secretary of the Melbourne Racing Club, Mr. J. C. Reilly embarked on a tour of the U.S. to study modern racetrack design, it wasn't until 1963 that the new course finally opened under the auspices of the Victorian Amateur Turf Club and in conjunction with the Light Car Club of Australia who had financed the construction of a motor racing track outside the turf track.

The Melbourne Racing Club by this stage had merged with the V.A.T.C. and operated under the latter name with Reilly becoming secretary of the combined body

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« 2016-Sep-07, 05:38 PM Reply #2 »
Actually think today shows why Sandown is needed.

The plan is to move all of the Sandown meetings to Caulfield. Caulfield just won't cope with the extra racing - if they have these issues with TWO Sandown tracks it shows how the plan will be disaster for Caulfield.

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« 2016-Sep-07, 05:41 PM Reply #3 »
What was the problem. I saw the first few and didn't notice an issue

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« 2016-Sep-07, 06:30 PM Reply #4 »

Race 1 - The Cove Hotel Plate - 1300 metres:

Temple Bar - after being placed in its starting stall, the geldings noseband required adjustment delaying the start slightly. Began awkwardly and was then hampered when bumped on the hindquarters by Shangani Patrol. Hung inwards in the straight. Rider Nick Hall reported his mount lost its footing near the 400m.

Ticketing - began awkwardly. Became unbalanced near the 400m.

Purdee Onthe Prowl - checked at the start when tightened for room by Lucky Prospector (GB) which shifted in abruptly. Over-raced in the back straight.

Shangani Patrol - hampered at the start when tightened for room between Purdee Onthe Prowl and Temple Bar. Knuckled near the 400m. Tailed off; rider Rhys McLeod stated something felt amiss with his mount. A post race veterinary examination failed to reveal any abnormalities.

Zafiro - broke down near the 900m. The RV veterinary surgeon reported the mare broke its off fore fetlock and was subsequently humanely euthanised. Chris Parnham was examined by the doctor and passed fit.

Baghdad Comet - lost its footing at the 400m.

Lucky Prospector (GB) - lost its footing near the 400m.

Typhoon Monaco - raced wide without cover.


Race 2 - The Grand Hotel Frankston Handicap - 2100 metres:

Fine Embers - slow to begin.

Courageous Rock (USA) - knuckled at the start unbalancing rider Patrick Moloney.

Azurite (IRE) - steadied to avoid the heels of Darlux (FR) (Jackie Beriman) which shifted in passing the 1800m.

Darlux (FR) - rider Jackie Beriman will be reprimanded for shifting in passing the 1800m.

Justa Hint - over-raced through the middle stages. Rider Michael Dee reported his mount scrambled around the home turn and then felt amiss in its action. A post race veterinary examination revealed the gelding to be lame in the near hind leg and will require a veterinary clearance prior to racing again.

Lord And Master (NZ) - lost its footing at the 400m.

The Thug - rider Damian Lane reported the gelding made the home turn awkwardly.

Morning Mix (IRE) - rider Katelyn Mallyon reported her mount dipped on the point of the home turn.


Race 3 - Dream Thoroughbreds Handicap - 1600 metres:

Prior to correct weight Jack Martin, rider of Mr Pago (fifth placegetter), lodged an objection against Chivadahlii being declared second placegetter alleging interference over the final 100m. On the evidence it was established that from the 100m Chivadahlii shifted out tightening the running of Mr Pago and near the line Mr Pago had to be checked. It was the Stewards view that the interference suffered by Mr Pago was less that the beaten margin and therefore the objection was dismissed.

Golden Oldies - Stewards acceded to a request from trainer Mr Terry OSullivan to withdraw the gelding which was returning from injury and due to the remedial work being carried out on the track. All monies invested on Golden Oldies to be refunded. Deductions applicable to bets placed on winner and place-getters prior to 2.15pm: 8 cents in the dollar for the Win #5, 11 cents in the dollar for place of winner #5, 7 cents in the dollar for 2nd place #2, 6 cents in the dollar for 3rd place #4 and 8 cents in the dollar for double bets.

Mostert - connections advised would be ridden further back; raced towards the rear of the field.

Mr Pago - connections advised would be ridden further forward due to being up in distance; raced outside the leader.

Walloon Region - connections advised would be ridden closer with the perceived lack of pace in the early stages; settled behind the leaders.

Deckhand (NZ) - lost its footing on two occasions near the 200m.

Arianne (NZ) - knuckled at the 400m.

Ben Allen (Chivadahli) - found guilty of a charge of careless riding under the provisions of AR137(a), the carelessness being that approaching the winning post he permitted his mount to shift out when insufficiently clear of Mr Pago, tightening that horse out onto Walloon Region resulting in Mr Pago having to be checked. Ben Allen had his permit to ride in races suspended for a period to commence at midnight September 10th and to expire at midnight September 20th, a total of ten race meetings (one metropolitan, nine provincial). In assessing penalty Stewards took into account the carelessness was in the low range.

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« 2016-Sep-07, 09:18 PM Reply #5 »
Yep obviously some problems with the surface for all the above problems & abandoning the meeting.

Is the actual problem with the upkeep of the track or lack of? Is it grass coverage problems? 

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« 2016-Sep-11, 02:24 PM Reply #6 »
Now things are getting interesting...

Two years ago this was reported in the Caulfield GlenEira Leader

And today, this -

Caulfield Racecourse Reserve trustees sacked after parliamentary review
Posted about an hour ago

 Caulfield Racecourse public land

The trustees responsible for the management and oversight of the Caulfield Racecourse Reserve in Melbourne's inner south-east have been sacked.

It follows a parliamentary review into the use of a 54-hectare reserve at the centre of the racecourse, which was gazetted as public land 160 years ago but has been mainly restricted to use for horse training.

The Victorian Government has announced it has accepted all the recommendations in the review, which included the trustees resigning from their positions.

Environment Minister Lily D'Ambrosio said it was time to provide accessible open space for local residents to enjoy.

"We have got open space there that is the equivalent to 15 MCGs, yet the community has had very poor access, very limited access to that open space," she said.

The Caulfield Racecourse Reserve Trust (CRRT) included government-appointed members, as well as representatives of the Melbourne Racing Club and Glen Eira council.

The Government said a new, independent body would be appointed to manage the land.

It said the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning would act as an interim land manager.

CRRT chair Greg Sword said he welcomed the Government's decision and supported the review recommendations.

He said the trust's structure was "anachronistic" and needed reform.

"We're prepared to resign and assist the Minister and support the restructure of the trust," he said.

Earlier this year, a Glen Eira councillor set up camp on the outskirts of the racecourse to call for access to public land inside.


BTW Greg Sword is a very large cog is the ALP machine

Now what has this got to do with a land sale in Noble Park ? 

Not sure but the report that the Caulfield Grandstand is being leased at $93,000 a year when it is valued at $1.05m a year and other consequential imposts of having the racecourse managed in the public rather than the race clubs interests could complicate matters down Noble Park way.

Something's cooking...

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« 2016-Sep-11, 07:52 PM Reply #7 »
The local council has been running a battle against the MRC for years now, so this is no suprise.

The MRC are mad if they plan to sell Sandown, which is a track they actually own.

The "master plan" is to move racing to Caulfield, add an additional track and night racing. There is no way that is going to happen given it is land they do not control and the local council has been fighting against them politically for years.