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Offline Peter Mair

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O.P. « 2017-Sep-28, 10:11 PM »

Tabcorp is having a lend of us

Tabcorp 'sponsors' most broadcast racing material  -- including 'tips' -- and that is an obvious conflict of interest.

At a minimum, Tabcorp should ensure that the announced or visual backdrop to any presenting tipster would give a summary indication of the 'success' of their tips over the past 3 months at least.

.......... there are other tricks

What are we supposed to make of a Tabcorp claim that the 'projected' quadrella pool on Saturday at Randwick will be $1 million?

That looks like sucker bait compared to previous promises 'guaranteeing' such a large pool and even supplementing the pool with a guaranteed jackpot bonus.

When the Victorian government treated Tabcorp shabbily with contract renewals, it may have done so with an expectation that Tabcorp's chagrin would be taken out on TAB punters.

That is what happened.

I have never tried to 'cash out' a live quadrella ticket but I would expect to be robbed  -- and the same goes for other Tabcorp takeout creeps against the TAB punter.

It is as if the government recruited an agent to do the dirty work and be blamed for it. can only wonder why Tabcorp panders to such masters rather than digging in to protect a fair deal for its customers ............ ranked against the rapacious banks ............ Tabcorp is offensive.

Offline wily ole dog

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« 2017-Sep-29, 08:30 AM Reply #1 »
Only fools and lazy sods listen to tipsters

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« 2017-Sep-29, 10:26 AM Reply #2 »
That advertisement showing an idiot having a seizure collecting $140 in a dentist's chair, and a woman, likewise having a seizure in a tailors, collecting $110, would have to be worst advertisement Tabcorp's marketing division have ever produced.
I do not know any person, including my 93 year old mother-in-law, who occasionally has $1 e/w for entertainment,  would carry on in such a manner over those amounts. When I first saw the advert I thought the amounts were $1400 & $1100, but on closer inspection they were for those lesser amounts.
Likewise that cashout advertisement is just as bad. The cashouts that I have seen have always been huge, huge unders.

Offline wily ole dog

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« 2017-Sep-29, 02:44 PM Reply #3 »
The TAB is hardly running solo with the complaints being raised
Corporates are just as bad