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Australian Female Drivers Championship 2021
16 March 2021
This year the Launceston Pacing Club will host the Australian Female Drivers Championship on Sunday, 21 March 2021. It will be a big night of racing as the State representatives battle it out for the winning honours. There is also a dinner to mark the event and help raise funds for the Team Teal campaign. More information about the event and dinner below.
About the Australian Female Drivers Championship
Two drivers from each state will contest a series of heats on a 10-race program with the winners determined on a point-score basis. More about the competition here.
With a State Vs State competition, there is more than a win on the line. Find out more about the drivers who have been especially selected to represent their State by clicking on the profile images for statistics and fun facts.
Join the Launceston Pacing Club on the final night of the Team Teal series, as they celebrate Australia’s best female drivers and raise funds and awareness for ovarian cancer research.
2021 Australian Female Drivers Championship – Team Teal Dinner
Among the thrill and excitement of world class racing, guests will indulge in pre-dinner canapes & entertainment, a gourmet 2 course buffet, drink on arrival plus enjoy guest and driver interviews, fundraising opportunities and the chance to take home some fabulous prizes.
Date: Sunday 21 March 2021
Venue: Ladbrokes Racing Centre, Mowbray. Level 3
Event Time: 5:30 – 10:00pm
Hosted by: Katelyn Barry
Dress Code:
Men: Jacket and tie (Team Teal ties available for purchase on the evening)
Ladies: Cocktail/race wear
Price: $60pp
Ticket includes:
•   Pre-dinner canapes & entertainment
•   2 course gourmet buffet
•   drink on arrival (sparkling, beer, wine or soft drink)
•   Course entry
For more information and to purchase tickets click here.

"Queensland’s representatives are Narissa McMullen and her younger sister Dani-Elle Vievers.

The McMullens are from a family entrenched in Queensland’s harness racing fabric and they bring a wealth of experience to the series with Narissa having recently notched her 1000th winner from 8569 drives and Dani-Elle has driven 362 winners from 3249 drives as from this date of publication."


Good Luck to the Queenslanders  :thumbsup:
Hollywood John McMullen started a harness racing dynasty with his children and grandchildren making a name for themselves in harness racing.

There's an Ebook available on the life of the late "Hollywood" John Mc Mullen aka Mulley  which is well worth reading I'll try to find the link and post it here.

Local author Pat Ritter published a book in 2001 on John McMullen's life.......the book is told in the first person from leaving school before the state scholarship exam and working at low level jobs, living in a horse stall on Ipswich showgrounds where he drove his first winner Queen Caroline..... earning a living the hard way competing  in rodeos working as a ringer.... bull dogging out west ......competing in foot races and in the boxing ring ...... he fought Kenny Marshall who I knew well...Ken went to the Olympic Games and fought Cassius Clay ..... no disgrace to be beaten by him .....there are lots of interesting stories like going halves with Ron wanless in a pacer driving it from Wanless's yard at Coopers Plains to Rocklea to race and back again on the roads possibly in the dark..... finally settling down and raising a family a life of achievement all recorded for posterity ....... the book is available from Pat Ritter in hard copy or in ebook .......well worth reading.....a memorable life ...with tributes from some of his friends and associates...recorded while Mulley was still living.

Some extracts from the book :-
Carpentry didn’t agree and aged 16 I quit my apprenticeship and took job droving cattle from Ipswich to Beaudesert. Churchill saleyards outside Ipswich held a weekly cattle sale. Stuey Wilson was a drover at the saleyards. Working cattle with Stuey gave me the grounding for my future with cattle and horses. Stuey rode his horse everywhere.
He wanted to give up droving, so I took over his job droving cattle from Churchill Saleyards over the mountains to Beaudesert. Each week I drove about 100 head of cattle from Ipswich to Beaudesert.
One day I was working at the saleyards when a well-dressed gentleman came up to speak with me, he’d heard I was a good show jumping rider. To my surprise he was George Riser of Riser and Grace, they were the King and Queen of Show Jumping in Australia and wanted me to be their rider in the show circuit.
The show circuit started at Killarney, a town in southern Queensland, in January travelling throughout the South Burnett area returning to Ipswich in May of the same year. My job was to ride their show jumpers and equestrian events under classes. George Riser and Girlie Grace lived in the back of their truck and I lived in my swag underneath the tailgate of their truck. If there were a vacant horse stall at a showground I’d stay in the horse stall.
Travelling around the show circuit was exciting, each place different, meeting people, seeing people train their horses differently. When we were travelling South Burnett Shows I met Aub Kennaway who had four trotting horses, Queen Caroline, Flying Pete, Togo Prince, and another horse; I can’t remember its name. Aub asked me if I wanted to jog his horses in a gig. Immediately I took a liking to it. ‘When we get to Ipswich Show I’ll give you a drive in a race’. He promised.

Pat Ritter can be contacted on his website......

Giddy Up :beer:

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QUEENSLAND has retained the title, but harness racing was the winner from tonight’s Australian Reinswomen’s Championship.

A dozen of the nation’s leading ladies competed across six heats in Launceston, showcasing the tremendous talent the industry boasts.

Such was the skill on display, five reinswomen made their way into the winners’ circle during the tournament.

 It was Dannielle Veivers, however, who finished the series at the top of the table.  Bookending the heats,

 Veivers accumulated 71 points to seal the win as defending champion, Narissa McMullen, finished second on 56 points, giving Queensland the quinella.

Extracted from Paul Courts report provided by Denis Smith .

Well Done to the Queenslanders  :clap2:

Giddy Up :beer:


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Female drivers...... had to laugh about the mother defending her daughter who ended up almost going into the creek on the flooding bridge. She claimed the daughter had stalled up the hill so it was not her fault she ended up in the water.....


steering wheel,
hand brake,
anycombination thereof

could have got the car stopped on the hill.

ps yes I am single....