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« 2021-Feb-17, 08:05 PM Reply #600 »
I made an inquiry from RacingNSW as to the progress of the appeals by Adam Hyeronimus and Blake Paine and received the following advice from the chief steward
 "The Appeal hearing is complete and we expect a decision from the Racing NSW Appeal Panel within the next 2 weeks."

NSW stewards always respond promptly to questions not so their QRIC counterparts they ignore any requests for information.

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« 2021-Feb-22, 06:22 PM Reply #601 »
Charges arise from apprentice jockey death
Charges arise from apprentice jockey death

Mikaela Claridge unsaddling a winner at Donald just weeks before her death in a trackwork fall at Cranbourne in August 2019. Photo : Brendan McCarthy/Racing Photos via Getty Images.
Brad Waters
Article Author
Brad Waters
2:35PM22 February 2021

WorkSafe has charged the Cranbourne Turf Club and a training operation with offences relating to the death of apprentice jockey Mikaela Claridge.

WorkSafe laid eight charges alleging breaches of the Occupational Health and Safety Act following an investigation into Claridge’s fall from a horse during trackwork before dawn on August 30, 2019.

The 22-year-old Claridge halted her riding career through injury but resumed her apprenticeship to the Ken Keys stable earlier that year. She rode her last winner at Sale six weeks before her fatal accident.

Claridge had been married less than six months.

Six of the charges were laid against the Cranbourne Turf Club while the Ken Keys-owned Saloon Park Pty Ltd training business face two charges.

The CTC was charged with three counts of failing to ensure, as far as reasonably practicable, people other than employees not exposed to health and safety risks.

The club was also hit with three counts of failing to ensure its workplace was safe.

The charges relate to an area of the Cranbourne Training Centre known as the ‘sand trails ’, which are located on the southern side of the facility.

WorkSafe alleges the CTC failed to maintain the sand trails at a safe standard for use.

Saloon Park faces two charges after WorkSafe alleged it failed to ensure employees did not ride on the sand trails track in the dark.

The case will begin with a filing hearing at the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on March 17.
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Brad Waters
Article Author
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« 2021-Mar-03, 10:43 PM Reply #602 »
Racing Appeal Panel decisions on the appeals of Adam Hyeronimus-and-Blake Paine have been handed down .

The appeals against severity of the punishment have yet to be determined ......Stewards gave AH 3 years and BP 2years 4 months.


"The Appellants have also appealed in relation to the severity of the penalties imposed on  them.    The  Stewards  and  the  legal  representatives  for  the  parties  should  notifyRacing NSW as soon as possible as to whether an oral hearing is desired in relation to the severity appeals, or whether they can proceed by way of written submission.The Panel will resolve any disagreement."

Very lengthy decision with transcripts of the inquiry attached....... in the end the panel did not believe the explanations that the transfer of funds were gifts finding the explanations implausible.

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« 2021-Mar-10, 10:08 PM Reply #603 »
Some of these Stewards ( And I use the title cautiously ) must still get visited by the Easter Bunny or at least think they do. Just watched the replays of Wagga yesterday and was intrigued by the tactics on a horse called  Dantain's Magic after they entered the straight. Thought probably ridden by a 4kg claimer which could explain the ride. Checked it out and of course it wasn't. Gee didn't they come down hard on the hoop  !! He must be still shaking. They must be kidding.

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« 2021-Apr-26, 08:59 AM Reply #604 »
Tomlinson pulls no punches for charity fight
21 April 2021
By Jordan Gerrans
Apprentice hoop Sheriden Tomlinson steps into the boxing ring this Saturday night with two desires.

Firstly, he wants to put on a show – a scrap as he says with a fellow rider – and claim the much needed bragging rights for whenever he is at the races or at track work in the morning.

And, secondly, with a few mates who have sadly passed from suicide in recent years, Tomlinson is intent on doing their families proud, raising awareness and funds for mental health causes.

The three-kilo claimer in town will step into the ring as part of the “Fight For a Cause” concept, which pits jockeys against each other, raising much needed funds for charity, while providing everyday people the experience of stepping into a boxing ring in front of a packed arena.

The UK-born Tomlinson lost two mates to suicide earlier in his life, which pushed him to get involved in the concept.

One of the people who committed suicide was a close friend of Tomlinson’s younger sister.

“It impacted not only his family and my sister, she was pretty upset, everyone was upset but it brought us all together, the entire school,” Tomlinson said.

“It is never weak to speak, hopefully people now can reach out to someone if they are having problems.

“I am open to talking to anyone if they feel like they are going through something.”

Fight For a Cause has partnered with the Mental Awareness Foundation, who support charities that are working directly with communities who are implementing strategies to raise awareness of depression and mental illness, while supporting the preservation of life.

Tomlinson has stayed in contact with the families of the mates he lost and hopes he can do them proud on Saturday.

“Mental health awareness, it means a bit to me because I have lost a few friends to suicide over the years,” Tomlinson said.

“Hopefully we can go out and do something for their families.

“I have had mothers of the people who committed suicide message me and say how much they appreciate what we are doing, they are coming to the fight too.

“Hopefully we can raise some money for them.”
Former Australian professional boxer Corey McConnell, who these days trains jockeys and other racing participants to keep their fitness up, has coached the jockeys in their boxing growth over the last 10 weeks.

The experienced McConnell has had the Queensland-based jockeys at Northside Boxing in Nundah once or twice a week over the last 10 weeks to get them fight night ready.
Adin Thompson, Madeleine Wishart, Ryan Maloney, and Zoe White, among others, are also apart of the program.

Sheriden Tomlinson
 McConnell (pictured) thinks Tomlinson, who works for trainer Les Ross, has improved most of the jockey contingent over the 10 weeks.

“I was working with Sheriden a little bit before this program started and he was boxing really good,” McConnell said.

“Once the 10-week program started, a few of his sparring sessions were ordinary but since then probably out of everyone, he has developed the most.

“His sparring has come along; he is keeping his chin down and his movement is much better.

“He has picked his game up as much as anyone.”

While most of the jockeys will be stepping into the ring for the first time come Saturday, it will actually be Tomlinson’s second fight.

He had one bout in high school and in his own words “got towelled up.”

The 21-year-old says it has been great to train as a group with the jockeys, as their competitive instincts in their blood came out from day one.

“To be in the ring with another jockey, it will be about bragging rights when you are in there; say if I was against Adin, another apprentice,” he said.

“I am keen to get in there, have a scrap and see who comes out on top.

“Corey has lots of experience, we have come a long way in 10 weeks.”

Tomlinson rates leading hoop James Orman as the biggest improver over the 10-week period and says Jag Guthmann-Chester is the best of the lot.

On his riding, Tomlinson says he is a little quiet at the moment for opportunities as he goes searching for more winners.

He believes the extra boxing training has significantly helped his strength and fitness when it comes to his day-to-day duties as an apprentice rider.

“For fitness, I struggle a bit with my weight but if I am in the boxing training twice a week, it makes it much easier than sitting in a spa or a sauna,” he said.

 “I enjoy this kind of training; you were doing something you enjoy, and you aren’t getting dark on it.

“I can feel myself getting stronger and better, not just me, everyone has improved.”

He booted home a Saturday metro winner last weekend, getting Dr Why Not up for Scott Morrisey - which was Tomlinson's first victory at Eagle Farm in that grade.

Fight For a Cause is a program is designed for people with little or no boxing experience and will include jockeys and regular everyday people.

The amateur fights will be held as a black tie dinner event hosted at the Royal International Convention Centre at RNA Showgrounds on Saturday April 24.


There's a couple of videos in the above link as well as the pics referred to.

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« 2021-Apr-26, 01:17 PM Reply #605 »
Terry Treichel tries unique way to have a bet.

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« 2021-Apr-27, 09:05 PM Reply #606 »
Terry Treichel tries unique way to have a bet.

Jockey disqualified for eight years
Racing Article

Ryan Reynolds@Reynolds_R

26 April, 2021
, (

Northern Territory-based jockey Daniel Jack Smith has been disqualified for eight years after being found guilty of a series of betting-related offences.

Smith, who rode under his birth name Terry Treichel in New South Wales and Queensland, changed his name after relocating to the NT in 2019.

He continued to ride as Treichel despite having legally changed his name but registered betting accounts and bet under his new name.

Stewards charged him with 32 offences, 30 of them related to betting and two to making false declarations in relation to his name. He pleaded guilty to all charges.

Smith was suspended for eight years for the betting charges and three years for the false declarations. They will be served concurrently.

He pleaded guilty to 27 breaches of betting on any race or contingency relating to thoroughbred racing involving a race he was riding in.

The bets, which were placed between July 2019 and December 2020, were split in two, with 16 charges relating to horses he was riding and 11 regarding the race he rode in.

The 16 category A bets totaled $1380, while category B were $460.

He also pleaded guilty to betting on other races he wasn't involved in with 168 bets between April 2019 and July 2020 totaling $10,500 through a Sportsbet account.

He also placed bets through a Neds account and a Pointsbet account.

"This is a unique set of circumstances not seen before in Australian Racing," the stewards' report read. "The covering of a change of identity and subsequent volume of betting whilst licensed as a jockey is unprecedented."

Smith's eight-year ban started on December 18, 2020, the day his licence was suspended.

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« 2021-Jun-05, 11:38 AM Reply #607 »
Great ride on INCENTIVISE today by Anthony Allen caught three wide early took off used his initiative and it bolted in :thumbsup:
I spotted this horse before his winning streak it has a very big stride.

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« 2021-Jun-05, 11:39 AM Reply #608 »
Linda Meech back at Bendigo today for the fans.