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« 2021-May-01, 07:34 PM Reply #1925 »

Racing at Barcaldine today replays provided by RQ probably due to Labor Day although the public holiday is on Monday with the meeting at years gone by the BATC hosted the holiday meeting at Doomben with The Labor Day cup the main event.

The main race from Barcaldine is the last The Pat Ogden Family Tree Of Knowledge Cup............ another race sponsored by The Railway Hotel I stayed there back in the day Bluey Sterling was the host....... his dear lady wife raced a horse called Hoo Ha which from memory was an expression attributed to Margaret Whitlam wife of the then PM.
The track looked to be in excellent condition and the weather was fine and sunny possibly not too hot .

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« 2021-May-02, 08:13 AM Reply #1926 »
RQ replays are generally easily available shortly after the race and that was the case yesty until the last race at EF clicking on R9 you get a repeat of R8 won by Niccanova while it's the same on TAB but if you click on the partial replay you'll see the last 400 a narrow win by Fender the runner up Garibaldi looked to be a good thing beaten although I was on the winner  it was too close for comfort .......I rang TAB last night to report the failure in the replay system but it's still not fixed probably remote access on a Saturday night is expecting a little too much as it's really RQ's problem and good luck getting anyone there to answer the phone.

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« 2021-May-31, 08:29 PM Reply #1927 »
Huge win for punters


Minimum bet rules change

PUNTERS can expect “real markets” from the time they open, with Queensland set to be the first state to force corporate bookmakers to adhere to minimum limits from the time markets open across all three codes.

The Courier-Mail can reveal Racing Queensland has written to wagering service providers informing them of changes to the general conditions of the racing product, which expires on June 30.

While the limits remain unchanged, corporate bookmakers will be required to bet punters to lose $2000 on all metropolitan thoroughbred races and $1000 on non-metropolitan racing from the time markets go up from July

1. The rules will also apply to harness and greyhound races, with bookmakers forced to bet to lose $500.

Currently minimum bet limits only come into play at 9am race day.

“From the moment operators release the final field markets, punters will be able to access the minimum bet limits,” Racing Queensland CEO Brendan Parnell said. “This includes win and place options for all three codes.

“The introduction of minimum bet limits were well received by punters in Queensland and we anticipate that they will welcome the opportunity to access them from the moment the markets open.”

The rules will not apply to all-in or futures markets.

Currently it is common practice for corporate bookmakers to offer racing markets three days out from the races.

TopSport’s Tristan Merlehan applauded the move, saying it will improve turnover on Queensland racing.

“It has been a blight on the industry where a certain set of customers weren’t able to have a bet until 9am on race day,” he said.

“It is discriminatory to them that there are markets up and it’s not a true reflection of the market price.

“Previously, you would have some places where the prices weren’t available to the general public and it would distort the market – horses would firm considerably when really nothing had been placed on them.

“Now when it happens, it can be a true reflection of the confidence in the marketplace because it could be anyone putting those bets on.”

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« 2021-May-31, 08:48 PM Reply #1928 »

Outcomes for punters not clear at all

............... forced to 'accept' minimum bets, bookmakers will blow their 'take' from the outset.

The concept of 'public policy' in Queensland is at odds with most governments in 'non authoritarian' regimes.

Nothing that happens in Queensland surprises me ..............  currently its prevailing cultural difference, with NSW and Victoria, is more marked than it is between Britain, France and Germany.

This sense of cultural separation must be addressed.

... a smart  Phd aspirant, in the social psychology arena, would make mincemeat of any claims to national homogenity.

It would not matter unless a more workable consensus was essential to Australia's future

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« 2021-Jun-01, 02:16 PM Reply #1929 »
Can someone decipher what's said above please  :shy:

I've read it 4 times and for the life of me have no idea whether Pete is in support or is just generally bagging QLD  :shrug:  :chin:

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« 2021-Jun-01, 03:40 PM Reply #1930 »
The rule change has to be a positive . .

But 'Who bells the cat?'  . . Who do you complain to?

Even on race day, when I try to have a bet, one corp ( OK it's Sportsbet) drops the price . . Will you accept the reduced odds? . On refusal said price returns to where it was . . and my bets are no where near 'to win $2K

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« 2021-Jun-01, 05:30 PM Reply #1931 »

Document it with screen shots over a period of time and send the evidence to Consumer affairs.

It is false advertising and they can be done for that.


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« 2021-Jun-02, 07:47 PM Reply #1932 »


The trainer of Cox Plate favourite Zaaki is concerned about the firmness of the Eagle Farm track and has called on track managers to put extra water on the surface ahead of her star galloper’s appearance in a rich race on Stradbroke Handicap day.

...................... a general failure to understand the 'authoritian' culture in Queensland could not be more clearly illustrated .......... what usually happens in Queensland is in sharp contrast to what 'usualy happens' in Victoria when the call goes out for 'some give in the track'.

Who thinks RQL will 'water the track'?

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« 2021-Jun-13, 06:35 PM Reply #1933 »
Queensland racing to receive performance-based POC revenue

Racing Queensland chief executive Brendan Parnell. Pictu Glenn Hampson Racing Queensland chief executive Brendan Parnell. Pictu Glenn Hampson
By Trenton Akers
04:18pm • 13 June 2021

Racing Queensland’s return from the state government will now be tied to performance after brokering a deal which will see 35 per cent of revenue from the Point of Consumption Tax returned to the industry.

The agreement, which rolls together two current expiring deals is expected to return around $20m extra a year which will be spread across extra prizemoney, infrastructure, breeding schemes and club funding.

Previously, Racing Queensland was simply allocated government money out of general revenue as opposed to performance-based returns from the Point of Consumption Tax which has been more fruitful than first expected.

Figures show Queensland’s Point of Consumption Tax raked in $118m to state coffers last year while it is projected to reach $150m by 2023-24.

The new model means the amount of money redirected back to the industry is dependent on turnover.

With the TAB not performing as expected after its merger in 2018, it is expected the new funding formula will help to diversify Racing Queensland’s revenue streams.

“It is a tax on betting on racing that is being returned to racing,” RQ chief executive Brendan Parnell said.

“It has been great working with Minister Grace and the government to help understand how many jobs we have created. This confirms their support of our growth and we want to demonstrate that the more we can build and invest back into industry, it will create even more jobs.

“Having the support of the government is crucial, we couldn’t have done it without them.”

The additional money will be alongside the state government’s country racing support package which was pledged at the last election.

Parnell said decisions could be made as soon as this month on how best to spend the extra cash going forward.

“We will stage it over the next two years, we will go to our board and have a discussion and take a methodical approach to the funding distribution,” he said.

It comes as $38m has been committed to the redevelopment of the Gold Coast Turf Club with lights set to be installed to facilitate night racing on the glitter strip.


Brendan Parnell says “Having the support of the government is crucial, we couldn’t have done it without them.” Can't disagree with that

But without the punters where would you be...35% is no big deal based on the figures from last year the return would be around $41M and $38M is going to the Gold Coast which apart from two meeting a year is a secondary meeting with mainly low grade horses..apologies to all the owners of these slow coaches.

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« 2021-Jun-30, 09:51 AM Reply #1934 »


RACING in Queensland has been given the green light to proceed in lockdown areas, but spectators have been banned during the three-day lockdown period.

“Race meetings within the lockdown areas (local government areas of Townsville, Palm Island, Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan City, Moreton Bay, Redlands, Sunshine Coast, Noosa, Somerset, Lockyer Valley, Scenic Rim and Gold Coast) will be conducted as patron-free events and are restricted to essential racing personnel,” a Racing Queensland statement said.

Jockeys and other participants have been ordered to wear face masks at racetracks, excluding jockeys when they are racing.

“Race meetings conducted outside of the lockdown areas will proceed as scheduled with patrons able to attend, however, face masks will be required on-course,” RQ said.

“Earlier this week, mandatory temperature testing of essential racing personnel was reintroduced across the state at all TAB meetings.”

Eagle Farm will host an eight-race midweek card today, while Saturday metropolitan racing moves to the Sunshine Coast on Saturday for the last day of the winter carnival, which includes the Winx Guineas.


Racing NSW stipulates that N95 masks are required to be worn and that cloth masks are ineffective.... I see a lot of what appear to be designer or home made cloth masks being worn and quite a few unmasked people risking a $200 fine if caught,,,,,,,The Barnacle was fined $200 after someone dobbed him in to the cops who checked the CCTV at the servo and got  the evidence...beware Big Brother is watching.

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« 2021-Jul-20, 02:39 PM Reply #1935 »
Race vision on the fly
Cricketer behind drone angles

LEE Carseldine made his name at the crease, hitting sixes for Queensland, now the gun batsman is at the forefront of revolutionising Queensland racing TV coverage with his company DroneIt providing live state-of-the-art footage to broadcast on Sky Racing.
The DroneIt founder along with CEO James Jones have been providing footage during the recent harness racing winter carnival and have their eyes on thoroughbred racing after rave reviews from stakeholders.
It comes as Racing Queensland is set to go to great lengths to try to innovate its harness racing coverage further, with officials to try caller-to-driver audio for pre-race interviews, live inbroadcast sectional times and new camera angles such as home turn and mobile barrier cameras.
Driver cam footage is already used in conjunction with drones.
Carseldine (pictured) said providing the footage was not as simple as showing up and flying the drone over the field, with a thorough risk assessment required before each race meeting.
“There is quite a bit from a flying perspective to take into account,” he said. “Albion Park is actually quite a tricky place to fly because there are a lot of light poles, the inside track isn’t as wide either. We go on the inside for the whole race until the last lap, then we go out into the middle.
“What we don’t want to do from a risk perspective, if something does happen to the drone and it does go down, we have to make sure the track is clear and it doesn’t affect the race.
“There is a particular height the stewards want as well, we would love it above the light poles but they want it a bit lower and back from an angle point of view so we have got a good drone which allows us to zoom.” Such is the effectiveness of the overhead footage, stewards have requested it to be used in inquiries.
After trialling drone footage with thoroughbred racing six years ago, Carseldine said they were hoping to break into the market soon with huge developments made in the technology since then.

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« 2021-Jul-22, 09:41 AM Reply #1936 »
Slashing of horses has town on alert
A REWARD has been offered for the arrest of the person responsible and a plea issued for money for extra security as the horror builds over a sickening spate of horse slashing attacks in Goondiwindi.

Four-year-old gelding Fitzroy Boy is the latest to fall victim to the atrocious attacks which have left several racehorses with unexplained gashes in their necks in separate incidents in the last three months.

Fitzroy Boy’s trainer Barry Sheppard suspects the neck wound to his horse was inflicted by a Stanley knife.

Police are investigating and the Goondiwindi Race Club, where the attacks have occurred in on-course stables, have issued a plea to Racing Queensland for funds to upgrade security on track where the attacks have occurred.

But Mr Sheppard’s daughter Marcelle Gorrie, also one of the owners of Fitzroy Boy, says no one will rest easy until the callous horse slasher is caught.

“We have now offered a $2000 reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of this sicko,” Ms Gorrie said.

“The attack on Fitzroy Boy was the latest one and it happened on July 2. The person cuts the neck each time.”

Goondiwindi, 350km south-west of Brisbane, is renowned in racing circles for 1970s champion racehorse Gunsynd who was known as the Goondiwindi Grey because his owners hailed from Goondiwindi.

No horses have died in the attacks so far and all are recovering from their ordeals after medical treatment and rest.

Veteran trainer Mr Sheppard is appalled.

“I just went out there one morning and I took Fitzroy Boy’s rug off and he had a big slash in his throat,” Mr Sheppard said. “He had to have about 10 or 12 stitches, inside and out, it just missed his windpipe. There is another trainer just up from me, she had a couple of horses have the same sort of thing happen to them.

“I am guessing it is probably done with a Stanley knife or something like that, it’s very sharp. My horse had two neck rugs on him and the attacker got the knife in under the rug.

“You could see the person’s footprints in the mud afterwards.”

Graeme Scheu, treasurer of the Goondiwindi Race Club, said an approach had been made to Racing Queensland for financial assistance to upgrade stable security on course.

“We will need to restructure our stable complex and add security fencing which is obviously going to come at a significant cost for a country race club like ours," Scheu said.

“This has shocked everyone up here and we need to do all we can to help. Our expectations are it will cost in the vicinity of $40,000 for the stable complex and security and hopefully Racing Queensland can assist us with getting the job done as soon as possible."

1800 333 000.


What sort of sadistic moron would do this...................this possibly someone with a grudge against the trainers or owners of the horses involved .................Goondiwindi is a small town you would think there would be suspects that police could track down and deal with in the courts.......most of the country tracks I have seen have barn like stable complexes shared by groups of trainers with no  security people can come and go whenever they want to .

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« 2021-Jul-22, 10:06 AM Reply #1937 »
Saw the article on Racenet yesterday and figured out he / she must be a local. The fact that they know their way around a stable and manage to get around to different stables implies someone who might know the layout quite well. Most racehorses are very trusting and it is quite abhorrent for do this to any animal.

I honestly think people like these should be locked up for a period of time and not given a corrective community service order etc when found.