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« 2021-Jan-31, 02:21 AM Reply #300 »
MONA’s owner suffering for his art

A decade on from the opening of his Museum of Old and New Art, there’s no doubt David Walsh has put Tassie on the map, but the exercise has also proved to be a drain on his personal finances.

The professional gambler and art collector’s latest accounts lodged with ASIC earlier this month show Moorilla Estate — the holding company for the museum — fell to a $19.94m loss for financial year 2020, with Walsh himself, the group’s only director, classifying the entity as a going concern.

Still, the bottom line result is an improvement on last year’s $28.85m loss, even after the oversized hit from the coronavirus pandemic.

Walsh reports that visitors to the museum dropped by 25 per cent for the year to 303,474 after he was forced to shut the doors in March — wiping out the 6 per cent visitor growth in the months prior.

Revenue for the year was down 16.4 per to $34.3m, with only one show — New Zealand artist Simon Denny’s Mine — on exhibit.

The bigger hit, though, has been to the 60-year-old’s own hip pocket — interest-free loans from his aptly named Downward Spiral Enterprises Pty Ltd to the museum ballooned by $56.8m in the past year to a grand total of $327.5m.

In the scheme of things it makes his $9.2m line of credit and $15.7m loan, both from Matt Comyn’s CBA, look like a walk in the park.

Still, it doesn’t seem to bother the multi-millionaire, who says he and other related parties will continue to provide financial support to ensure the entity is able to meet its obligations.

“MONA will lose more money closed than open (oddly, we haven’t seen a reduction in visitation) so, unlike Dark Mofo, I’m incentivised to keep it going. And I owe the staff, big time,” Walsh wrote in a letter back in March.

For the record, MONA has run at a loss every year since it was first established in 2015.

While the 2020 Dark Mofo festival got the cut thanks to COVID, there was a silver lining — and not just that we were all spared the gaggle of bare bottoms in the annual Nude Solstice Swim.

The museum’s wages bill was shaved by $2m for the year to $24.1m thanks in part to ScoMo’s JobKeeper scheme along with some state government payroll tax relief.

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« 2021-May-10, 12:49 AM Reply #302 »
White Swan a ZR vehicle ?

Registered in Aug 2019 with BM as shareholder. GTod as director

In the first instance please message me directly (email in profile) with just a single paragraph on your education, your work experience, your keys skills and an answer to the question: "I don't need to be told twice because...?"

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« 2021-May-11, 08:27 PM Reply #303 »
White Swan a ZR vehicle ?

Sounds like an outfit scrambling to hold it together after a recent a rift through their structure.

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« 2021-May-12, 09:19 AM Reply #304 »
Sounds like an outfit scrambling to hold it together after a recent a rift through their structure.

Yeah, maybe, had never heard of them before although looks to be some cross pollination of staff with Collosus
The claim of +ve client returns for 15 yrs / world class betting models and the Marantelli connection had piqued my interest.

Their location is actually about 10 mins down the road from Tony Blooms Starlizard in Camden
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« 2021-Jun-13, 09:12 PM Reply #305 »
15 years ago Bernie was doing PR for Monsanto :wub: Another fake corporate front for Z's nefarious activities is what White Swan looks like to me.

White Swan offers to a "Betting Analyst" working in central London.
Base salary of £23k rising to £25k after passing probation - 25 days holiday per annum, plus UK bank holidays - Private health insurance and pension plan.
After paying for travelling and a lunchtime sandwich won't be much left! It could almost be that the real job specification is taking bets illegally over the phone and whatsapp  :chin:

Z's $50m investment has finally paid off as well. Colossusbets now has its own wiki courtesy of a paid editor from Egypt!
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