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« 2020-May-19, 10:33 AM Reply #1900 »
Wily, I checked on Archer. There's a book called The Master's Touch, Racing with Etienne de Mestre by Keith Paterson which has a full record of Archer.

He was even money favourite in his last race, the Champion Sweepstakes, but after finishing 3rd there was an uproar in the press that de Mestre had raced him when he was lame. He had had a swelling in a foreleg and a fever for a fortnight a while before the race. Archer was a heavy horse and hard to train. A spokesman for de Mestre said "Mr de Mestre runs his horses for his own amusement and ignores the right of the public to question any course he may choose to adopt". 

He was taken back to Sydney to train for the Metropolitan in September but in August 1864  he was injured in training and retired to the stud at Exeter Farm where he stood until 1872.  His breeders apparently preferred to keep his breeding secret as he had a short pedigree and so was not regarded as a thoroughbred according to Paterson.

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« 2020-May-19, 05:45 PM Reply #1901 »
Cheers mate. A great tale :thumbsup:

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« 2020-Jun-07, 07:07 AM Reply #1902 »
Can we get a race record for Time and Tides older brother Fine and Dandy.  I feel a horse good enough to win the Goldern Slipper and later 2 Doncaster handicaps is likely to be a worthy subject.

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« 2020-Jun-07, 07:20 AM Reply #1903 »
I have submitted a Nomination for the Hall of Fame for Winfreux.  A record that has 10 Group 1 victories, and twice runner up in the Cox Plate is more than adequate I feel.  Additionally he was able to win a Group 1 as a 3yo , 4yo, 5yo, 6yo and 7yo.  The main reason I submitted is that he holds 3 Australian distance records still, as they are in furlongs.  I would be surprised if any other horse has retired with that many.  [/size

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« 2020-Jun-07, 07:27 AM Reply #1904 »
While I am in an inquisitive mood.  Does anyone know of a list of Principal races?  They were the predecessor of Group Races  Racing Australia ia happy to list all 4 level of Group races but nothing about Principal Races.  I wonder did they have levels too?

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« 2020-Jun-08, 01:22 PM Reply #1905 »

A list of principal races can be found at pages 659ff of Peter Pring's Analysis of Champion Racehorses published in 1977.  The various Turf Registers published lists of winners of principal races but does not appear to be comprehensive.  One that caught my attention was the 1963 AJC Millers Lager Hcp over 12f which carried about the same prizemoney as the Sydney Cup that year.  I haven't looked at the Australian Stud Book website for years so you may be able to compile a list of winners from it but it would be time consuming and I have found errors in their race tables in the past.

Interestingly Mr Pring did not think Fine and Dandy's record was worth of inclusion in that book.  However he did include Fine and Dandy's record in his Major Australian Races and Racehorses 1960-1980 at pp 42-44 (published 1980).  7 of his 15 wins (45 starts) came as a 2YO (after the 2YO year he won 8 of 37).  While he did beat Sky High and Wenona Girl (once each as an older horse) looking through his record he struggled against top liners such as Aquanita, Sky High (beat him many times),  Wenona Girl, Kilshery,


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« 2020-Jun-08, 07:28 PM Reply #1906 »

Re Winfreux course records

Peter Pring only recorded one course record in his book "Major Australian Races and Racehorses 1960-1980" and that was the Caulfield 9f record which he described as an '(ANZR)' or Australasian record. 

The Canberra Times claimed that his winning time in the Doomben Cup was a world record breaking  Man O'War's 2.14.2 set ay Belmont Park NY June 1920 (actual date 12 June 1920).  I checked thru my American publications and found that they only included the US 11f dirt record in their tables.  The 11f. turf record of 2.12.4. was held by Cool Prince set at Delaware Park, Delaware on 3 July 1965.  Looking at my NZ books it is clear he ran a faster time that any horse in NZ so it can be labelled an "ANZR" record as well. 

The Canberra Times labelled his win in the 1967 Hill Stakes as a course record. It could be an ANZR record as well although I wouldn't claim it as such as there are so few races over that distance.

if you are looking for an Australian horse that set or equalled records then Shannon (AUS) 1941 is hard to go past.  He set an ANZR in the 1946 George Main Stakes. In America he broke the Bay Meadows 9.5f course record (8 May 1948).  At Golden Gate Fields he equalled the 9f world record (17 Oct 1948)  Next start (23 Oct 1948) at same track he set the 10f American record and equalled the world record.  At his last start he broke the 9f. Tanforan course record (25 Nov 1948).

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« 2020-Jun-09, 10:34 AM Reply #1907 »
Tim, the Millers Lager Hcp was a 12 furlong race, starting as the Randwick Centenary Invitation Stakes in 1960 when Valerius won. It was the Sunday Telegraph Invitation Stakes in 1961 when Persian Lyric beat Tulloch and Valerius, then the Daily Telegraph Cup in 1962 when Grand Print defeated River Seine and Nilarco.

The winners of the Millers Lager Hcp from 1963-1965 were The Dip, Politician and Richetta. Craftsman was 2nd in 1965. I'm not sure why it was discontinued but the prizemoney was impressive. Maybe it wasn't attracting the quality they thought it might by 1965.

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« 2020-Aug-09, 04:41 PM Reply #1908 »
Just used the information here on Dulcify and Vo Rogue for reference, very helpful.

Brilliant work Poison Pen and others who have contibuted, thanks.

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« 2020-Sep-14, 04:45 PM Reply #1909 »
(brown colt, 1969, by Sobig from Miss Filou)
20 starts 6/2/2

For a few weeks in October 1972, particularly after his slashing Caulfield Cup victory, he was the most promising horse since Tulloch and then came the VRC Derby. How much he was slaughtered there by Harry White is still open for debate, but his tendon damage reduced him to a shadow of that promise. Sadly, his second-last start was at Ballarat, a real come-down.
He only ever started in Victoria.

2yo 1971-72
2 starts 1/1-

2nd – 13/3/1972 Flemington March Nursery (2) 6f, L. Hill, 8st, (50/1), 1st Arabian Breeze 9st, 3rd Civic Square 7st 8lb, short ½ head, ½ length, 1min 11.8sec
1st – 3/4/1972 Caulfield Orrong Handicap 6f, H. White 8st 2lb (7/2), 2nd Prince Dargee 8st, 3rd Happy Spectre 8st 1lb, 3 lengths, 1 length, 1 min 11½sec

3yo 1972-73
7 starts 3/1/1

6th –  5/8/1972 Caulfield Moondah Plate, 1000m, J.Parr, 46kgs (8/1), 1st Acidity 50kgs, 2nd The Flying Scotsman 51½kgs, 3rd Predator 50½kgs, ½ length, ¾ length, 58sec
(This was the first weekend of metric racing in Australia)
7th – 26/8/1972 Sandown Belhaven Hcp (2) 1400m, H. White 54½ kgs, (7/4fav), 1st Salvo 53½kgs, 2nd Wilecho 46kgs, 3rd Gala Red 48kgs, ½ length, length, 1min 26.6sec
3rd – 9/9/1972 Flemington Craiglee Stakes 1600m, H. White 51kgs (7/1), 1st Gossiper 54½kgs, 2nd Royal Show 58 kg, short ½ head, short ½ head, 1min 37½sec
1st – 28/9/1972 Caulfield Underwood Stakes 2000m, H. White 49kgs, (5/2 fav) 2nd Kazanlik 54½kgs, 3rd Gossiper 54½kgs, 1½ lengths, 1¼ lengths, 2min 1.9sec
1st – 14/10/1972 Caulfield Guineas 1600m, H. White 55½kgs, (6/4), 2nd Century 55½kgs, 3rd Acidity 55½kgs, 3½ lengths, 1¼ lengths, 1min 36.2sec
1st – 21/10/1972 Caulfield Cup 2400m, H. White 48kgs, (2/1 fav), 2nd Stormy Seas 54½kgs, 3rd Gunsynd 62kgs, 2 lengths, ¼ length, 2min 27.1sec, (course record, Harry White rode him 2.5kgs overweight so he carried 50.5)

2nd – 4/11/1972 Flemington Victoria Derby 2400m, H. White 55½kgs, (11/4 on fav), 1st Dayana 55½kgs, 3rd Longfella 55½kgs, neck, 3 lengths, 2min 29.9sec

4yo 1973-74
8 starts 2/-/1

10th – 8/9/1973 Flemington Craiglee Stakes 1600m, R. Wood, 57kgs (16/1) 1st Gay Icarus 58½kgs, 2nd Golden Sam 58½kgs, 3rd Zambari 58½kgs, length, ½ length, 1min 38.4sec
7th – 27/9/1973 Caulfield Underwood Stakes 2000m, R. Wood 57kgs, (6/1) 1st Scotch and Dry 59kgs, 2nd Dayana 57kgs, 3rd Zambari 59kgs, 2 lengths, 1½ lengths, 2min 3.8sec
5th – 6/10/1973 Flemington Turnbull Stakes 2000m, G. Mallinson, 57½kgs (10/1), 1st Australasia 53kgs, 2nd Dayana 57kgs, 3rd Gala Supreme 55kgs, 1¼ lengths, 2¼ lengths, 2min 1.6sec
3rd – 13/10/1973 Caulfield Stakes 2000m J. Miller 57kgs (5/1), 1st Glengowan 59kgs, 2nd All Shot 59kgs, ½ head, 3 lengths, 2min 6½sec
5th – 28/1/1974 Moonee Valley William Reid Stakes, 1200m, A. Simpson, 57kgs (25/1), 1st All Shot 57½kgs, 2nd Tauto 57½kgs, 3rd Wandle 57kgs, ½ length, 2 lengths, 1min 10½sec
1st – 16/2/1974 Flemington Blamey Stakes 1600m, R. Mallyon 57kgs (4/1), 2nd Asgard 53 kgs 3rd All Shot 57½kgs, 2 lengths, 2 lengths, 1min 36.4sec
1st – 23/2/1974 Caulfield St George Stakes 1800m R. Mallyon 57kgs (2/1 on fav), 2nd Analie 55½kgs, 3rd Gala Supreme 57kgs, 2½ lengths, 4 lengths, 1min 49.8sec (course record)

9th – 11/3/1974 Flemington Australian Cup 2000m, R. Mallyon, 58½ kgs (5/4fav), 1st Bush Win 50½kgs, 2nd Grand Scale 51kgs, 3rd Gala Supreme 55 kgs, long head, long head, 2min 0.9sec

5yo 1974-75
3 starts -/-/-

14th – 21/9/1974 Moonee Valley Feehan Hcp 1600m, P. Simonds 60kgs, (12/1), 1st Arama 49½kgs, 2nd Grand Scale 54kgs, 3rd Love Aloft 54kgs, 2½ lengths, 1½ lengths, 1min 39.4sec
9th – 3/10/1974 Ballarat Gold Nugget Stakes 1600m, M. Houlahan, 62½kgs (5/1), 1st The Sporan 57kgs, 2nd Beau Russet 48kgs, 3rd Angel’s Best 49kgs, 2 lengths, ½ length, 1min 43.8sec
15th – 12/10/1974 Flemington Toorak Hcp 1600m, P. Simonds, 58kgs (50/1), 1st Leilani 52½kgs, 2nd Bellota 50½kgs, 3rd Dandy Gem 50kgs, 3 lengths, 5 lengths, 1min 44.3 sec
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« 2020-Sep-14, 05:11 PM Reply #1910 »

Sobar's Caulfield Cup time was considered a course record.  I note that both Winfreux (9f.) and Tulloch (12f.) had  run faster times than Sobar's records over the imperial equivalent distances. 


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« 2020-Sep-15, 10:25 AM Reply #1911 »
Thanks Tim, I've added "course record" to his Caulfield Cup win and also the fact that Harry White rode him 2.5 kilos overweight, which meant Sobar carried 50.5.

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« 2021-Mar-08, 02:31 PM Reply #1912 »
Where would I able to source the complete Racerecord of Palfresco the 1935 Caulfield Cup winner ? Thanks

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« 2021-Mar-08, 07:27 PM Reply #1913 »
Savethegame, probably the only way to get Palfresco's record would be to go through old newspapers on Trove, or, less likely, find an old Miller's Sporting Annual from the late 1930s which might have his race results.
Maurice Cavanagh's book on the Caulfield Cup has some information but far from a complete record. It appears he only had a few starts after his Caulfield Cup win due to a leg problem and his form before his Cup win wasn't that good.

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« 2021-Mar-08, 08:33 PM Reply #1914 »
Thanks pwa 54. had found most of his runs on trove,plus there was a court injunction stopping Palfresco from racing at the 1936 spring carnival ,lodged by his owner against the lessee which was settled with owner paying x amount pounds to the lessee with a undertaking she would not race the horse before nov.20 1936,as she had lodged five affidavits three from vets with concern regarding his leg.

But a alleged story emerged. that he raced  in sept 36-and won the Kalgoorlie Cup.--Hannans  Hcp as the horse called Vital.

The research have done doesn't stack up & is definitely not possible as  his leg issues were on going after his 1935 Caulfield Cup.Win but there was some strange happenings that took place raceround KALGOORLIE  36. and some colorful victorian characters in attendence.  Alot money was won on vital.

His total starts think would put the story to bed.

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« 2021-Mar-09, 08:36 AM Reply #1915 »
Savethegame, the Turf Registers for the time would have his total starts but you'd need to be near a library that has a good run of them in their Reference section.

Thanks for the heads up on that Kalgoorlie Cup. The money won on Vital in the Cup and the Hannans Handicap by his connections was a fortune in those days. If you can find anything further it'd be good if you could post it. 

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« 2021-Mar-14, 08:52 AM Reply #1916 »

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« 2021-May-05, 09:54 AM Reply #1917 »
Tobin Bronze record updated - now only missing one USA start (unplaced) probably early August 1968 and probably at Atlantic City (New Jersey).  If anyone has any information please let me know.


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« 2021-May-05, 01:06 PM Reply #1918 »
Tim, according to the SMH, Tobin Bronze was shipped from California to Belmont Park in the first week of August 1968.

The race he won at Atlantic City on the 29th August was the North-East Day Purse. He carried 8st 10lb and won by 3.5 lengths with Court Her 3rd. It was definitely a mile and he was a fifth of a second off the track record.

There wasn't a mention of an earlier August race but the SMH coverage of Tobin Bronze in the USA was spotty..

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« 2021-May-06, 02:57 PM Reply #1919 »


According to Canberra Times Wednesday 11 September 1968 p 33 Tobin Bronze had won 1 of 2 starts since returning to the care of Grahame Heagney after having been rested for 4 months.  I suppose its possible he raced in California for that missing start and it could have been late July.  The Los Angeles Times had a reasonable daily form guide but I know longer have access to it for nix.

PS I have looked thru N Y Times from about 10 Aug onwards and not found that missing start.
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« 2021-May-23, 09:59 AM Reply #1920 »
Melody Belle (NZ) 2014                                 
Bay mare                                 
Commands (AUS) 1996 (Danehill (USA) 1986) - Meleka Belle (NZ) 2009 (Iffraaj (GB) 2001)                                 
Countries Raced: New Zealand, Australia                                 
(Career Record: Starts: 41: 19 (14 x Group 1)-1-6-15: New Zealand: Starts 25: 17 (13 x G1)-0-3-5 for NZD 2,308,625; Australia: Starts: 16: 2 (1 x G1)-1-3-10 for AUD 1,853,100 )                                 
New Zealand earnings in New Zealand dollars (NZD)      NZD 2,308,625.00                           
Australian earnings in Australian dollars (AUD)      AUD 1,853,100.00                           
Worldwide earnings in United States dollars (USD)*      USD 2,846,071                           
Worldwide earnings in British pounds (GBP)*      GBP 2,213,755                           
Worldwide earnings in euros (EUR)*      EUR 2,535,748                           
Worldwide earnings in Australia dollars (AUD)*      AUD 4,023,112                           
Worldwide earnings in Japanese Yen (JPY)*      JPY 310,822,483                           
Worldwide earnings in New Zealand dollars (NZD)*      NZD 4,276,232                           
*Based on Reserve Bank of Australia (rba.gov.au.statistics/…) daily indicative exchange rates as published for the date of the race or the previous trading day if the date falls on a non-trading day.                                 
RACING RECORD                                 
Race earnings for each start appear at the end of each race record in local currency                                 
TWO YEARS:  2016-2017  Starts 7: 4-0-1-2                                 
1st-7   12/10/2016.   2L x lg nk   Ruakaka, near Whangarei, NI, NZ   NZB Insurance Pearl Series Race   900m.    55kg   0.53.76.   Dead5, $3.40   Summer Monsoon (AUS) 57 2nd   Inanna 55 3rd   NZD 4,375.00
3rd-8   3/12/2016.   Nse x 2.75L   Trentham, Wellington, NI, NZ   Wellington Seamarket Wakefield Challenge Stakes   1100m.   54.5kg   1.03.64.   Dead4, $3.20   Gift Of Power 54.5 1st   Hasahalo, 54.5 2nd   NZD 9,500.00
8th-10   14/01/2017.   Lg nk x 1L   Ellerslie, Auckland, NI, NZ   Countdown to Karaka 2017 1200   1200m.    55.5kg   1.10.93.   Good3, $4.50   Felton Road 57.5 1st   Oriental Dragon 56 2nd   NZD 200.00
1st-14   29/01/2017.   1.25L x nk   Ellerslie, Auckland, NI, NZ   Karaka Million   1200m.   54.5kg   1.10.95.   Good3, $32.40   Hasahalo 54.5 2nd   Felton Road, 56.5 3rd   NZD 550,000.00
1st-14   1/04/2017.   1.5L x 1L   Awapuni, Palmerston North, NI, NZ   Courtesy Ford Manawatu Sires Produce Stakes (G1)   1400m.   54.5kg   1.25.54.   Slow8, $4.70   Belle du Nord 54.5 2nd   Joyfilly, 54.5 3rd   NZD 131,250.00
1st-18   27/05/2017.   4.75L x 1.75L   Eagle Farm, Brisbane, QLD, AUS   Mitavite BRC Sires' Produce STAKES   1400m.   55kg   1.25.66.   Heavy8, $5.00F.   Taking Aim 57 $8.00 2nd   Pierata 57 $16 3rd   AUD 163,200.00
10th-14   10/06/2017.   Nk x 0.75L   Doomben, Brisbane, QLD, AUS   BMW J. J. Atkins   1600m.   55kg   1.36.21.   Good4, $1.75F.   Capital Gain 57 $19 1st   Aloisia (NZ) 55 $17 2nd   AUD 0.00
THREE YEARS:  2017-2018  Starts 5: 1-0-1-3                                 
3rd-8   9/12/2017.   Hd x 0.75L   Ellerslie, Auckland, NI, NZ   Ray White NZ 1200   1200m.   54kg   1.10.06.   Good3, $3.90   Volpe Veloce (AUS) 55.5 1st   Heroic Valour (AUS) 56 2nd   NZD 3,800.00
6th-10   1/01/2018.   1.5L x nse   Ellerslie, Auckland, NI, NZ   Sistema Railway   1200m.   52.5kg   1.10.65.   Slow8, $3.90   Volpe Veloce (AUS) 54 1st   Packing Eagle 56 2nd   NZD 2,000.00
1st-10   27/01/2018.   3.5L x 1.5L   Ellerslie, Auckland, NI, NZ   Mongolian Khan Trophy   1200m.   57kg   1.09.48.   Good3, $1.90   Astor 54 2nd   Gift Of Power 56 3rd   NZD 42,000.00
5th-11   17/02/2018.   0.1L x 0.2L   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   TAB Light Fingers Stakes   1200m.   56kg   1.10.06.   Good4, $5.50.   Alizee 56 $2.15F 1st   Shumookh 56 $7.00 2nd   AUD 4,900.00
9th-11   3/03/2018.   0.5L x ½ nk   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   James Boag's Premium Surround Stakes   1400m.   56kg   1.23.46.   Soft5, $9.50.   Shoals 56 $13 1st   Torvill 56 $18 2nd   AUD 5,000.00
FOUR YEARS:  2018-2019  Starts 8: 6-0-1-1                                 
1st-14   18/08/2018.   Nse x 1.75L   Te Rapa, Hamilton, NI, NZ   Lisa Chittick Foxbridge Plate   1200m.   56.5kg   1.13.90.   Slow9, $9.40   Julius 58.5 2nd   Authentic Paddy 58.5 3rd   NZD 62,500.00
1st-15   1/09/2018.   0.5L x lg nk   Hastings, NI, NZ   Tarzino Trophy (G1)   1400m.   56.5kg   1.24.59.   Slow7, $4.10   Hiflyer 59 2nd   Our Abbadean 57 3rd   NZD 125,000.00
1st-14   22/09/2018.   1.75L x 1.25L   Hastings, NI, NZ   Windsor Park Plate (G1)   1600m.   56.5kg   1.35.39.   Dead4, $3.40   Savvy Coup 56.5 2nd   Wyndspelle 59 3rd   NZD 125,000.00
3rd-14   1/01/2019.   Nk x hd   Ellerslie, Auckland, NI, NZ   Sistema Railway   1200m.   57kg   1.09.47.   Good3, $3.60   Santa Monica 53 1st   Princess Kereru 53 2nd   NZD 19,000.00
16th-18   19/01/2019.   Nse x 1.25L   Trentham, Wellington, NI, NZ   JR & N Berkett Telegraph   1200m.   57kg   1.06.95.   Dead4, $2.50   Enzo's Lad (AUS) 58 1st   Ferrando 55.5 2nd   NZD 0.00
1st-10   9/02/2019.   Hd x nse   Te Rapa, Hamilton, NI, NZ   BCD Group Sprint (G1)   1400m.   57kg   1.22.62.   Good3, $2.80   Bostonian 59 2nd   Ardrossan (AUS) 59 3rd   NZD 125,000.00
1st-14   23/02/2019.   1.75L x 0.5L    Otaki, NI, NZ   Haunui Farm WFA Group One Classic (G1)   1600m.   57kg   1.36.27.   Slow8, $2.50   Wyndspelle 59 2nd   Consensus 57 3rd   NZD 125,000.00
1st-10   9/03/2019.   Nk x 3.5L   Ellerslie, Auckland, NI, NZ   Bonecrusher New Zealand Stakes (G1)   2000m.   57kg   2.06.56.    Heavy10, $2.60   Danzdanzdance (AUS) 57 2nd   Rondinella 57 3rd   NZD 120,000.00
FIVE YEARS:  2019-2020  Starts 10: 4-1-2-3                                 
4th-12.   17/08/2019.   0.75L x sht nk   Te Rapa, Hamilton, NI, NZ   U S Navy Flag Foxbridge Plate   1200m.   56.5kg.   1.13.44.   Slow9, $4.30.    Endless Drama (IRE) 58.5 1st    Te Akau Shark 58.5 2nd   NZD 5,000.00
1st-16.   31/08/2019.   0.75L x lg nk   Hastings, NI, NZ   Tarzino Trophy (G1)   1400m.   57kg   1.22.12.   Dead4, $5.60.   Wyndspelle 59 2nd   Helena Baby 59 3rd   NZD 118,750.00
1st-12   21/09/2019.   2.75L x nse   Hastings, NI, NZ   Windsor Park Plate (G1)   1600m.   57kg   1.34.17.   Good3, $1.60F.   Sultan of Swing 59 $32.10 2nd   Mongolian Marshal 59 $19.60 3rd   NZD 118,750.00
1st-13   5/10/2019.   3.5L x 0.2L   Hastings, NI, NZ   Livamol Classic (G1)   2040m.   57kg   2.05.45.   Dead4, $1.30F.   Peso 59 $27 2nd   Crown Prosecutor (AUS) 57.5 $41 3rd   NZD 150,000.00
1st-16   2/11/2019.   1.5L x 1.75L   Flemington, Melbourne, AUS.   TAB Empire Rose Stakes (G1)   1600m.   57kg   1.37.78.   Soft7, $3.80F   Aristia 57 $17 2nd   Spanish Reef 57 $20 3rd   AUD 602,500.00
2nd-16   9/11/2019.   1L x 0.1L   Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Seppelt Mackinnon Stakes   2000m.   57kg   2.01.82.   Good4, $3.80F.   Magic Wand (IRE) 57 $4.80 1st   Hartnell (GB) 59 $10 3rd   AUD 360,000.00
3rd-8   22/02/2020.   0.2L x 2.25L   Caulfield,  Melbourne, VIC, AUS   PFD Food Services Futurity Stakes   1400m.   57kg    1:21.90.   Good3, $4.20.   Streets of Avalon 59 $9.50 1st     Super Seth 55.5 $2.60F 2nd    AUD 45,000.00
3rd-15   14/03/2020.   0.75L x 0.5L   Caulfield,  Melbourne, VIC, AUS   All-Star Mile   1600m.   57kg   1.36.57.   Good4, $4.20.   Regal Power 59 $11 1st   Superstorm 56 $15 2nd   AUD 360,000.00
4th-20   4/04/2020.   0.5L x 0.1L x 0.8L   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   The Star Doncaster Mile   1600m.   57kg   1.37.77.   Heavy8, $6.00F.   Nettoyer 51.5 $41 1st   Star of the Seas 53 $20 2nd   AUD 70,000.00
6th-12   11/04/2020.   2.8L x 0.4L   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   Longines Queen Elizabeth Stakes   2000m.   57kg    2:06.92.   Heavy8, $9.00.    Addeybb (IRE) 59 $4.20F 1st    Verry Elleegant (NZ) 57 $5.00 2nd    AUD 20,000.00
SIX YEARS:  2020-2021  Starts 11: 4-0-1-6                                 
6th-6   8/08/2020.   1.5L x 0.4L   Rosehill, Sydney, NSW, AUS   Iron Jack Missile Stakes   1200m.     57kg    1:12.01.   Heavy9, $4.60.    Eduardo 56 $2.30F 1st    Flit 57 $4.00 2nd    AUD 4,000.00
11th-16   22/08/2020.   0.1L x 0.2L   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   Winx Stakes   1400m.   57kg   1:23.26.    Soft6, $14.    Verry Elleegant (NZ) 57 $7.50 1st     Star of the Seas (NZ) 59 $31 2nd    AUD 0.00
1st-14   3/10/2020.   Nse x lg nk   Hastings, NI, NZ   Windsor Park Plate (G1)   1600m.   57kg   1.33.88.   Dead4, $3.60.   Avantage (AUS) 57 $3.20F 2nd   Callsign Mav 58.5 $20 3rd   NZD 110,000.00
1st-16   16/10/2020.   2.75L x ½ nk   Hastings, NI, NZ   Livamol Classic (G1)   2040m.   57kg   2.10.12.   Slow8, $1.90F.   Avantage (AUS) 57 $4.10 2nd   Vadavar (FR) 59 $107 3rd   NZD 137,500.00
3rd-9   7/11/2020.   1.75L x 0.75L   Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Seppelt Mackinnon Stakes   2000m   57kg    2:03.53.   Good3, $3.80   Arcadia Queen 57 $2.45F 1st     Fifty Stars (IRE) 59 $8.00 2nd    AUD 180,000.00
1st-8   30/01/2021.   1.25L x nse   Trentham, Wellington, NI, NZ   Harcourts Thorndon Mile (G1)   1600m.   57kg   1.38.05.   Dead4, $1.30F.   Sinarahma 53.5 $14 2nd   Deerfield 55 $24 3rd   NZD 110,000.00
9th-10   12/02/2021.   2.3L x 0.8L   Te Rapa, Hamilton, NI, NZ   Herbie Dyke Stakes   2000m.   57kg   2.02.08.   Dead4, $1.30F.   Royal Performer (GB) 59 $20 1st   The Chosen One 59 $7.10 2nd   NZD 6,000.00
1st-8   13/03/2021.   1.25L x hd   Ellerslie, Auckland, NI, NZ   Bonecrusher NZ Stakes   2000m.   57kg   2.03.03.   Dead4, $3.00.   Avantage (AUS) 57 $1.80F 2nd   Tiptronic 59 $31 3rd   NZD 108,000.00
6th-14   3/04/2021.`   2.3L x 0.4L   Rosehill, Sydney, NSW, AUS   KIA Tancred Stakes   2400m.   57kg    2:28.78.    Good4, $6.   Sir Dragonet (IRE) 59 $5.50F 1st   She's Ideel 57 $13 2nd   AUD 15,000.00
10th-14   8/05/2021.   2.25L x 0.2L   Gold Coast, QLD, AUS      TAB A.D. Hollindale Stakes   1800m.    57kg    1:50.57.   Soft6, $7.   Zaaki (GB) 59 $3.60F 1st   Fifty Stars (IRE) 59 $9 2nd   AUD 6,000.00
5th-10   22/05/2021.   7L x 2.25L   Doomben, Brisbane, QLD, AUS   Channel 7 Doomben Cup   2000m.   57kg   2.01.06.   Good4, $18   Zaaki (GB) 59 $2.25F 1st   Toffee Tongue 57 $18 2nd   AUD 17,500.00

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Santa Ana Lane (AUS) 2012                                 
Bay gelding                                 
Lope de Vega  (IRE) 2007 (Shamardal (USA) 2002) - Fast Fleet (AUS) 2006 (Fastnet Rock (AUS) 2001)                                     
Countries Raced: Australia, Hong Kong                                 
(Career Record: Starts: 44: 10 (5 x Group 1)-4-5-25; Australia: Starts: 43: 10-4-5-24 for AUD 8,071,211; Hong Kong: Starts 1: 0-0-0-1 for HKD 912,000)                                 
Australian earnings in Australian dollars (AUD)         AUD 8,071,211                        
Hong Kong earnings in Hong Kong dollars (HKD)         HKD 912,000                        
Worldwide earnings in United States dollars (USD)*         USD 5,884,091.46                        
Worldwide earnings in British pounds (GBP)*         GBP 4,492,577.93                        
Worldwide earnings in euros (EUR)*         EUR 5,167,241.51                        
Worldwide earnings in Australian dollars (AUD)*         AUD 8,236,704.21                        
Worldwide earnings in Japanese Yen (JPY)*         JPY 649,200,378                        
* Based on Reserve Bank of Australia (rba.gov.au.statistics/…) daily indicative exchange rates as published for the date of the race or the previous trading day if the date falls on a non-trading day.                                 
RACING RECORD                                 
Race earnings for each start appear at the end of each race record in local currency                                 
TWO YEARS:  2014-2015  Starts 0: 0-0-0-0                                 
Did not race                                 
THREE YEARS:  2015-2016  Starts 8: 3-1-1-3                                 
1st-12   4/09/2015.   2.75L x 2.75L   Bendigo, VIC, AUS   Bendigo Cup Eve Gala @ All Seasons Maiden   1100m.    56kg   1:03.74.    Soft5, $2.05F   Tyrannize (NZ) 56 $3.20 2nd    Duro Canyon 56 $51 3rd    AUD 14,650
1st-10   27/09/2015.   1.25L 1.25L   Geelong, VIC, AUS   Book for Cup Day Now BM64 Hcp   1240m.    57kg   1:12.95.   Good4, $1.35F   Amber Cavalier 56.5 $51 2nd   War Legend (NZ) 56 $9.00 3rd   AUD 12,650
4th-7   17/10/2015.   0.3L x 3.25L x 0.3L   Caulfield, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Polytrack Gothic Stakes    1400m.    55kg    1:23.59.   Good3, $2.50F   Mahuta 55 $19 1st   Holler 56 $4.60 2nd   AUD 5,400
1st-11   27/02/2016.   0.1L x 0.1L   Caulfield, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Ladbrokes Zeditave Stakes     1200m.   55kg    1:09.53.   Good3, $10   Brockhoff 55 $8.50 2nd    Bassett (NZ) 55 $3.20F 3rd    AUD 97,750
9th-14   19/03/2016.   0.4L x 0.3L   Rosehill, Sydney, NSW, AUS   The Sebring (Darby Munro)   1200m.   58.5kg   1:10.64.   Good4, $13   Southern Legend 56 $5.00 1st    Egyptian Symbol 54 $6.50 2nd    AUD 0
2nd-15   9/04/2016.   1.8L x 3.3L   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   McGrath Estate Agents South Pacific Classic   1400m.    59kg   1:22.70.   Soft6, $10    Handfast 55.5 $9.00 1st    Serene Majesty 57.5 $31 3rd    AUD 30,000
3rd-11   16/04/2016.   0.2L x 1L   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   E-Group Security Sprint   1200m.   60.5kg   1:10.56.   Soft5, $2.00F.   Ammirata 59.5 $8.00 1st     Alart 58 $26 2nd   AUD 8,350
12th-16   7/05/2016.   0.3L x 2.2L   Gold Coast, QLD, AUS   All-New Jaguar XF Gold Coast Guineas QTIS Three-Years-Old Plate     1200m.   57kg   1:09.49.   Good4, $2.70F.   Takedown 57 $2.80 1st     Sold for Song 55 $18 2nd   AUD 0
FOUR YEARS:  2016-2017  Starts 11: 1-0-2-8                                 
3rd-12   27/08/2016.   0.4L x 0.75L   Caulfield, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   The Resimax Stakes   1100m.    57.5kg   1:04.54.   Good3,  $11   Redzel 57 $5.50 1st   Under the Louvre 59 $3.70F 2nd   AUD 13,500
9th-12   10/09/2016.   1.75L x 0.2L   Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, AUS    Bobbie Lewis Quality   1200m.   53kg   1:09.13.   Soft5, $13   Faatinah 53 $5.50 1st    Tivaci 53 $12 2nd    AUD 0
3rd-10   17/09/2016.   0.1L x 0.4L   Caulfield, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Fight Cancer Foundation Testa Rossa Stakes   1200m.   54kg   1:12.50.   Soft5, $4.60   Keen Array 54.5 $3.80F 1st    Well Sprung 54 $31 2nd    AUD 10,800
11th-16   2/10/2016.   0.2L x 0.2L   Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Paris Lane Hcp   1400m.    55kg    1:23.27.   Good3, $7.50    Ulmann 54 $3.40F 1st    Akavoroun 56.5 $31 2nd    AUD 0
4th-11   21/10/2016.   0.4L x 0.75L   Moonee Valley, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Yulong Park Hcp   1200m.   59kg   1:11.76.   Soft5, $9.50   Sir Bacchus 55 $2.60F 1st    Redkirk Warrior (GB) 57 $5.50 2nd    AUD 5,000
7th-11   12/11/2016.   0.1L x 4L   Sandown, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Kevin Heffernan Stakes   1300m.   59kg   1:16.43.   Good3, $21    Lucky Hussler 59 $5.50 1st    Illustrious Lad 59 $3.20F 2nd    AUD 3,000
4th-11   17/03/2017.   2.25L x 0.1L x 0.1L   Moonee Valley, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Sweeney Estate Agents Abell Stakes   1200m.   55.5kg   1:10.65.   Good3, $4.80    Bassett (NZ) 54 $4.40F 1st    Reldas 56.5 $9.50 2nd    AUD 5,400
9th-9   15/04/2017.   0.8L x 0.5L   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   TAB Halll Mark Stakes   1200m.   58kg   1:13.73.   Heavy8, $21     Redzel 58 $2.80F 1st   Counterattack 58 $7.00 2nd    AUD 2,250
1st-16   4/05/2017.   2.1L x 0.05L   Wagga Wagga, NSW, AUS   XXXX Wagga Gold Town Plate   1200m.   61kg   1:09.48.   Good4, $10.00.   Lord Von Costa 54.5 $12 2nd    Hermosa Beach 54 $7.00 3rd    AUD 63,750
5th-20   20/05/2017.   0.7L x 0.4L   Morphettville, Adelaide, SA, AUS   Darley Goodwood   1200m.   56kg   1:09.34.   Good4, $26   Vega Magic 56.5 $4.80 1st    Missrock 52 $31 2nd    AUD 20,000
5th-8   10/06/2017.   0.75L x 0.4L   Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Bruce Gadsden Handicap   1000m.   60kg   0.57.92.   Good4, $4.60.   Lake Como (NZ) 54 $5.00 1st    Rough Justice 57  cd 55.5 $11 2nd    AUD 3,000
FIVE YEARS: 2017-2018   Starts 8: 3-0-2-3                                 
3rd-13   19/08/2017.   0.4L x 4.25L   Caulfield, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Lister Regal Roller Stakes   1200m.   54.5kg   1:10.04.   Soft6, $15   Vega Magic 60.5 $2.70F 1st     Brave Smash (JPN) 54 $3.40 2nd   AUD 10,800
4th-12   9/09/2017.   0.5L x 0.4L x 0.1L   Moonee Valley, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Strathmore Community Bendigo Bank Stakes   1200m.   55.5kg   1:11.50.   Good4, $26   Brave Smash (JPN) 55.5 $1.60F 1st    El Divino 54 $10 2nd    AUD 5,400
1st-14   1/10/2017.   0.75L x 1.25L   Caulfield, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Keno Sir Rupert Clarke Stakes (G1)   1400m.    52kg   1:22.28.   Good3, $26   Mr Sneaky 52 $8 2nd    So Si Bon 52 $26 3rd    AUD 302,000
6th-12   2/12/2017.   1.5L x 0.5L   Ascot, Perth, WA, AUS   Crown Perth-Winterbottom Stakes   1200m.   58.5kg   1:10.06.   Good4, $9   Viddora 56.5 $5.00 1st    Fuhryk 56.5 $12 2nd    AUD 10,000
10th-11   21/04/2018.   0.75L x 0.1L   Caulfield, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Ladbrokes Bel Esprit Stakes   1100m.    59.5kg   1:03.40.   Good3,  $16   Sprightly Lass 54 $3.00 1st    Bons Away 56 $4.40 2nd    AUD 0
3rd-11   5/05/2018.   1.3L x 0.1L   Morphettville, Adelaide, SA, AUS   AAMI D C McKay Stakes   1100m.    59.5kg   1:03.25.   Soft5, $20   Sprightly Lass 55 $4.00 1st    One More Daisy 54 $41 2nd    AUD 14,000
1st-20   19/05/2018.   1.2L x 0.4L   Morphettville, Adelaide, SA, AUS   Darley Goodwood (G1)   1200m.   58.5kg   1:09.88.   Soft6, $26   Missrock 52.5 $17 2nd    I'll Have a Bit 53.5 $51 3rd    AUD 643,120
1st-16   9/06/2018.   1.75L x 0.2L   Doomben, Brisbane, QLD, AUS   UBET Stradbroke Hcp (G1)   1350m.   58.5kg   1:19.95.   Heavy8, $14   Super Cash 51.5 $31 2nd    Champagne Cuddles 50 cd 51 $5.00F 3rd    AUD 947,891
SIX YEARS: 2018-2019   Starts 7: 3-0-0-4                                 
5th-12   1/09/2018.   1L x 0.1L   Caulfield, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Moniek and Susanne Sambor Heath 1100   1100m.    60kg   1:03.51.   Good4, $9.00.    Ball of Muscle 57 $9.00 1st   Voodoo Lad 58 $3.10F 2nd    AUD 3,750
1st-8   29/09/2018.   0.2L x 0.1L   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   Santos Coffee Premiere Stakes   1200m.   58.5kg   1:07.45 (CR)   Good3, $10.   Shoals 56.5 $8.50 2nd     In Her Time 56.5 $5.50 3rd   AUD 289,000
6th-12   13/10/2018.   1.3L x 1.5L   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   The TAB Everest   1200m.   58.5kg   1:12.03.   Heavy9, $9.50   Redzel 58.5 $8.50 1st    Trapeze Artist 58.5 $10 2nd    AUD 350,000
1st-14   10/11/2018.   0.3L x 1.5L   Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   VRC Sprint Classic (G1)   1200m.   58.5kg   1:08.66.   Good3, $10   In Her Time 56.5 $12 2nd    Pierata 58.5 $7 3rd    AUD 602,500
5th-22   9/03/2019.   0.75L x 0.1L   Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Seppelt Wines Newmarket Handicap   1200m.   58.5kg   1:08.25.    Good3, $12.   Sunlight 50.5 $13 1st    Osborne Bulls 56 $4.20F 2nd    AUD 31,250
1st-11   6/04/2019.   3.5L x 0.1L   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   Aquis T J Smith Stakes (G1)   1200m.   58.5kg   1.10.65.   Soft7, $7.50.   Osborne Bulls 58.5 $4.00F 2nd   Sunlight 54.5 $6.00 3rd   AUD 1,564,500
4th-9   28/04/2019.   0.5L x nk x 1.5L   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Chairman's Sprint Prize   1200m.      1.08.26.   Good, $1.80F.   Beat the Clock 126 $2.40 1st   Rattan 126 $8.90 2nd   HKD 912,000
SEVEN YEARS: 2019-2020   Starts 7: 0-3-0-4                                  
2nd-11   5/10/2019.   0.5L x 0.2L   Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Gilgai Stakes   1200m.   60kg   1:09.42.     Good4, $3.70.   Sunlight 58 $2.25F 1st    Zoutori 59 $8.50 3rd    AUD 54,000
2nd-12   19/10/2019.   0.5L x 0.4L   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   The TAB Everest   1200m.   58.5kg   1:07.32. (CR)   Good3, $5.50.   Yes Yes Yes 53 $9.00 1st    Trekking 58.5 $31 3rd    AUD 2,140,000
5th-9   9/11/2019.   3.25L x 1.25L   Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Darley Sprint Classic   1200m.   58.5kg   1.09.23.   Good4, $2.15F.   Nature Strip 58.5 $3.60 1st   Loving Gaby 51.5 $7.50 2nd   AUD 50,000
6th-8   7/03/2020.   3L x 0.2L   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   Hyland Race Colours Challenge Stakes   1000m.   58.5kg   0.56.87.   Soft6, $4.40.   Nature Strip 58.5 $3.10F 1st   Redzel 58.5 $4.40 2nd   AUD 5,000
2nd-12   4/04/2020.   2L x 0.2L   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   TAB T J Smith Stakes   1200m.   58.5kg   1:11.18.    Heavy8, $9.00.   Nature Strip 58.5 $4.20F 1st    Redzel 58.5 $15 3rd    AUD 237,500
6th-14   18/04/2020.   0.1L x 2.5L   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   Schweppes All Aged Stakes   1400m.   59kg   1:21.63.   Good4, $6.00.    Tofane (NZ) 57 $12 1st    Pierata 59 $5.50 2nd    AUD 5,000
6th-14   16/05/2020.   0.1L x 1.7L   Morphettville, Adelaide, SA, AUS   The Furphy Goodwood   1200m.   59kg    1:10.38.   Soft5, $8.00.   Trekking 58.5 $10 1st    Gytrash 58.5 $3.00F 2nd    AUD 4,000
EIGHT YEARS: 2020-2021   Starts 3: 0-0-0-3                                 
6th-9   3/10/2020.   0.1L x 0.1L   Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Gilgai Stakes   1200m     57kg   1:08.38.   Good3, $5.50.   Zoutori 59 $5.50 1st    Dollar for Dollar 57 $7.50 2nd    AUD 6,000
6th-12   17/10/2020.   2.5L x 0.5L   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   The TAB Everest   1200m     58.5kg    1:08.27.   Good4, $20.   Classique Legend 58.5 $4.20F 1st    Bivouac 58.5 $9.50 2nd    AUD 500,000
9th-10   7/11/2020.   3.25L x 0.2L   Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Darley Sprint Classic   1200m    58.5kg   1:08.69.   Good3, $12.   Bivouac 58.5 $3.20F 1st    Nature Strip 58.5 $3.80 2nd    AUD 0