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« 2021-Apr-20, 12:32 PM Reply #125 »
Trainer fined after 'expressing opinion' report
Paul Tatnell

Paul Tatnell@PaulTatnell

19 April, 2021

The Australian Trainers Association  are “deeply concerned’’ after a trainer was charged and fined for “expressing his opinion’’ about the state of a track following two fatalities.

Nathan Hobson was charged by the Swan Hill Jockey Club after comments regarding the firmness of the track on February 17.

A number of trainers, including Hobson and Shawn Mathrick spoke about the condition of the track following two deaths on the day, Kevin Adcock's Bon's Ghost and Archie Alexander's Zipitsweetie.

Both incidents have been referred to Racing Victoria’s veterinary department for review but Swan Hill Jockey Club CEO Aaron Garvie said the following day the track was prepared to RV regulations, passed steward’s inspections and it played no part in the horses' deaths.

But after winning race 8 Hobson, who trains out of Swan Hill,  told that “we've got unlimited water here, we're on the Murray and they can produce a track like that’’ adding “it's got a great grass cover on it, but obviously, at this time of the year, they haven't been putting enough water on it’’ and that a number of horses felt the track post-race.

The comments drew the ire of the Jockey Club, who wrote to Hobson requiring him to front a hearing to deliberate whether he was “guilty of such action that is unduly prejudicial to or subversive of the purposes or authority of the club’’ as well as behavior that was “guilty of conduct prejudicial to the interests of the club’’.

The charges not only relate to his comments post-race to, but also in an article published by RSN the next day.

Following the hearing on March 15, Jockey Club chairman Ian Ray wrote to Hobson the same day saying he had been found guilty, will receive a $2000 suspended fine and must write the club and track manager Josh Woolhouse a letter of apology.

Hobson declined multiple requests for comment from

But Australian Trainers Association CEO Andrew Nicholl said such was their concern over the situation they represented Hobson. Other participants have since raised concerns in regards to the treatment of Hobson, saying it could be a “worrying precedence’’ and is a free speech issue.

“The ATA was deeply concerned with the charge laid by the Swan Hill Jockey Club against Nathan.  So much so, that we took a very keen interest in the matter, and represented Nathan at the committee hearing,’’ Nicholl said.

“In general terms, it is well understand there are boundaries around what can be publicly stated.   There are rules that govern same – racing and club based – and for good reason; to protect the industry’s reputation, and ensure everyone acts within the law.  They also promote an environment where participants must act with respect towards each another.

“In Nathan’s case, it was his and our view that he did not breach any rule. Simply, he expressed an opinion on the subject of the race day track condition, made in direct response to questions asked by the interviewer. No direct reference or disparaging comment was ever made towards the club, nor any individual at the club.  Sadly, the Club did not agree with our assessment.’’

Nicholl told Hobson’s honest response is similar to countless others comments participants give on raceday.

“This style of trainer response is one we have read and heard a 1,000 times before on track conditions, for example, fast lanes, slow lanes, hard tracks, bog tracks, rail out, rail in, etc and no doubt, will continue to hear into the future,’’ he said.

“It’s part of the landscape, a trainer providing his or her “educated opinion” for the benefit of the interviewer, the punter, the viewer, etc.

“So, for Nathan to be singled out and penalised on this occasion for expressing his opinion, the theme of which is one commonly expressed by his peers, we believe was wrong at the time, and remain strongly of that view to this day”

Garvie did not answer several questions via email from concerning the matter, including whether Hobson was entitled to his own personal opinion, whether it was appropriate for Hobson to discuss the track following the fatalities, that other trainers raised concerns and whether the club’s decision sets a precedent for racing.

When asked why Hobson’s comments were worthy of a sanction, Garvie responded that “Nathan Hobson was in breach of club training rules & regulations’’ adding that the “Swan Hill Jockey Club believe the track was rated correctly on the race day’’.

A Racing Victoria spokeswoman declined to comment, saying the matter is between the club and Hobson.
Very sensitive Swan Hill Committee although the penalty imposed isn't severe fine suspended and letter of apology.... writing an apology  might be difficult to swallow in the light of the alleged comments.....a matter of principle worth fighting for...too many PC's these days with comments causing offence with outraged onlookers responding on social media attacking the individual as a result the offender then makes  a grovelling apology.

My guess is he is probably caught by AR 228 c which provides you are not permitted to criticize anyone or anything a club for example

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« 2021-Jul-15, 06:49 PM Reply #126 »
Thompson cops ban


IN-FORM Queensland rider Ben Thompson has been banned for four months for his part in the alleged concealment of a horse’s identity in Victoria.

Thompson pleaded guilty to two charges laid against him by stewards in Victoria for his part in hiding the identity of the Francis Finnegan-trained No Frontiers ahead of her debut maiden win at Bairnsdale in May last year.

Thompson rode No Frontiers in a Cranbourne jumpout before her debut but the filly was listed by Finnegan as being Getemhel.

Thompson’s first charge related to giving false or misleading evidence to stewards while the second charge pertained to misconduct related to the removal of mobile phone evidence between him and Finnegan.

 Victorian Racing Tribunal judge John Bowman penalised Thompson with a two-month suspension on both charges, with his bans to be served cumulatively.

Earlier report on this thread in February .

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« 2021-Jul-18, 01:10 PM Reply #127 »
Have asked on another thread but where are they racing Monday in Victoria. Casterton or the Bool?

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« 2021-Jul-18, 01:12 PM Reply #128 »
Have asked on another thread but where are they racing Monday in Victoria. Casterton or the Bool?


Warrnambool to Casterton (VIC) - Monday 19th July 2021
Please be advised the Warrnambool meeting scheduled for Monday 19th July has been transferred to Casterton due to wet weather and the track being deemed unsuitable for racing.  Some distances and field limits have changed, please refer to website for details.

Updated 18/7

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« 2021-Jul-20, 04:42 PM Reply #129 »
Trainers puzzled by race-free trial
James Tzaferis
James Tzaferis

Leading trainer Peter Moody has questioned Racing Victoria's trial of a race-free week at the end of the season and has asked for clarity as to which group of participants are the intended beneficiaries.

Moody said the trial, which will see no race meetings held in Victoria from next Monday, July 26 until Friday, July 30, would do little to alter the workloads of his staff, with a full team required to ride, feed and care for his stable full of horses.

"Owners pay training fees to race their horses and to not have that option for those five days isn't ideal," Moody said.

"Trainers won't be locking horses up on the Sunday night and not going back until the following Saturday, we've still got to train them every day.

"I don't see the sense or the necessity in it.

"Who is getting the break? Do the jockeys need a break? They say that a lot of jockeys don't earn enough to make a living so just let the ones that don't want or need to ride have the week off.

"Do the stewards get a break? They get rostered days off and annual leave already. The barrier staff and officials are the same.

"The only time the whole industry could have a break is if we have three months off and that's never going to happen."

Other trainers fear the week off will create unintended consequences.

Pakenham-based trainer Mick Huglin said the trial has the potential to create a backlog of horses attempting to gain a start in benchmark races in early August.

"It's doesn't make a lot of sense to me," Huglin said.

"We're already struggling to get runs in suitable races.

"All it's going to do is create an increased workload for us and our staff in the weeks after (the trial) because we'll have to travel further to get a run with a horse.

"It's going to set horses back and cost owners money."

Cranbourne-based conditioner Shawn Mathrick said trainers are capable of managing their own workloads, as well as those of their staff.

"In this industry we get a choice whether or not we want a holiday or not - if a bloke is training horses and he wants to have four days off, he should go and have it off," Mathrick said.

"We will still get up at the same time every morning and do everything the same.

"We only have a small team of horses in work and we look forward to going to the races, that's the whole goal and our staff are the same.

"I've never had anyone come to me and ask for time off and I haven't been able to give it to them.

"And what happens the next week when we're flooded with horses that have missed a run, the horses that are struggling to get in at the lower weights definitely can't get a run."

Other Victorian trainers have expressed similar views on social media in recent days.

Australian Trainers' Association president Robbie Griffiths has supported the trial but did also admit he is unsure whether there will be any long-standing benefits derived from it.

RV has indicated that it will monitor nominations and acceptances immediately following the trial and, where required, will split races and amend programming accordingly in an effort to cater for all horses.


Doesn't make any sense no racing for a week Moody's questions the benefit ...there isn't any ..RVL hasn't announced what  motivated this or if it has I haven't noticed it.

Robbie has a slppery grip on his presidential seat if this is any indication.

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« 2021-Jul-20, 07:23 PM Reply #130 »
Total crap. Takes a Queenslander ( Moody) to outline to these boofheads their absence of grey matter. If I had a horse ready to race in Victoria I would have already transferred it to an interstate trainer.

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« 2021-Jul-20, 09:21 PM Reply #131 »

Reality dawns for RVL

.................. paying too-much for runners to come 10th has corrupted the administration of racing in Victoria.

The Victorian government must be concerned at the addiction of punters in Victoria to betting on racing ........ anywhere.

The main beneficiary of RVL policies has been 'fixed-odds' corporates .......... routinely creaming the whole pool of punters bets.

................. taking a week off, in mid-winter, will be good for everyone ...... as a start.

As I posted before reading Arsenal's post:

Mixtymotions .................. not racing in the winter months, in all states, makes sense for punters

State racing administrators 'saving money' might do well to consider seasonal step-downs to be 'usual' rather than not.

...........despite the best endeavours of officials racing in South Australian came to a sudden halt on Tuesday.

Racing South Australia CEO Nick Redin issued a statement to the industry on Tuesday evening informing of the immediate cessation of racing in the state.